In a combi to the blocks in Francistown Voice reporter Portia Ngwako shares her newspaper with a passenger and sparks a conversation about the front page story of a married woman who was murdered by a boyfriend.

Red top: Let’s see what The Voice got for us this week; I did not have time to go to the shops to buy it.

( After reading the front page) She was too young to die. She did midwifery?

We lost someone with a scarce skill.

Striped Shirt: I read that story. What a shame.

She brought her family status down.

I feel pity for her children, they will be told their mother was married and killed by a boyfriend.

Dread man: Wai! Lance Corporal did not have money and the banker had money.

The love for money killed a lot of women. Poor soldier!

White Scarf: The wife is my cousin. She could have died last year during festive.

The two were crazy in love and they were spotted going around the village together in the boyfriend’s car.

The husband could have killed them.

Striped shirt: His father was quoted saying that he thought she was killed by the husband.

That shows she was out of line and everyone in the village knew about it.

White Scarf: These people started dating while at Denjebuya and at McConnel college.

The boyfriend went to study abroad. During his absence the girl was married to the soldier.

After completing his studies, he came back and they continued their relationship.

Red top: The girl still loved her boyfriend but as a married woman, she could have controlled her feelings and not allowed that guy to wreck her marriage.

Striped shirt: God fought the husband’s battles, pity she lost her life.

Dread man: Eish! What a waste! Imagine the money the government has invested in her education and when we expect her to deliver she gets killed.

White Scarf: I agree with you. She shouldn’t have entertained that.

This guy thought he was solving a problem, right now his head is aching, he is behind bars and he has lost his job.

Striped shirt: I heard the boyfriend had sold his car and gave the married woman the money to process her divorce.

The woman misused the money and then told the boyfriend it was over between them.

She even mentioned that she had fixed her marriage and was no longer interested in filing for divorce.

That is why she was killed.

White Scarf: This guy was crazy in love; he had a child but neglected her.

Kalanga guys can give you love but should you mess with their feeling, you will be in for it.

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