Sexual exploitation of women
Sexual exploitation of women

Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was waiting for a bus at Taung bus stop in Gaborone on his way to Morwa when he overheard women discussing sex exploitation by men.

MAN IN RED BMW: Aren’t you going to Francistown?

LONG-HAIRED WOMAN : No, I’m going to Mahalapye.

MAN IN RED BMW: But Mahalapye is on the way to Francistown.

LONG-HAIRED WOMAN : No, thank you. I’m waiting for someone to give me a ride from here.

WOMAN IN BLACK JACKET: (after the BMW leaves) Why didn’t you ride with him?

LONG-HAIRED LADY: I never asked him for a ride. He passed people who asked him for a ride.

What made him think I wanted to travel with him? I never catch a lift with a lone male driver.

BLACK JACKET: You’re right. The world is sick. Who knows what his motives could be?

LONG-HAIRED WOMAN: These days, a man can pretend to be a good Samaritan only for him to drive you to the bush to rape you.

I recently read about a man who enticed different women through Facebook. He’d rape them at the same spot.

Luckily, the man was arrested after a network provider assisted the police to track him through his mobile phone.

BLACK JACKET: Men have a weakness of undressing women with their eyes

LONG-HAIRED WOMAN: The other day I received a letter for a job interview. I was in Lobatse.

The interview was in Francistown the following day at 8 o’clock in the morning.

At 12 noon I hitchhiked in Taung, carrying my little baby on my back. I was given a ride by a man.

On the way, he proposed love to me. I agreed.

When we arrived in Francistown, he asked me to go and sleep at his palace.

We agreed that he’d take me home,wait for me in the car while I go and to put the baby to bed.

I showed him my neighbour’s house and told him I stayed there. The house was five houses away from my home.

I crawled through the neighbour’s back fence and went home.

He waited for two hours, but I never came back.

I heard the horn of his car. At last he gave up and drove away. (laughter).

The conversation ends as the bus arrives. The cartoonist boards on.

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