Sex with goats
WORRIED MUM: Tiny Mokhowe

Boxing injury has perverted my son’s sexual behaviour.

Before he suffered a traumatic injury on the head during a boxing match in 2009, Poloko Mokhowe, 25, was a bright young man with a promising future at the age of 17.

Ambitious and gifted in both sports and academics, Mokhowe loved boxing, but he also took his studies seriously.

His doting mother, a storekeeper at Central Transport Organisation in Gantsi had her hopes pinned on the young man whom she said would have been the one to pull the struggling family out of poverty.

But both mother and son’s dreams were tragically shattered eight years ago during a boxing match injury that maimed the young man and perverted his sexual behavior.

Since then he has developed an insatiable sexual appetite for goats, the distraught mother has revealed.

Appealing for help, Tiny Mokhowe, 58, of Gapebana ward in Ncojane said she would be grateful if anyone who could assist her son to behave normal again would come forth.

Narrating her family ordeal Tiny said, “It was during a BISA boxing tournament on the 7th of June 2009 that my son collapsed before facing his third opponent. He had won the first two fights but complained that he was not feeling well before the third fight.”

He was referred to Impark Hospital in South Africa where he was admitted in Intensive Care Unit for a cracked skull for a month.

“After he was discharged, I realised that there was something awkward about his behaviour and I notified the school head and the regional office right away.”

To her surprise, Tiny said that she was told that there was nothing that could be done since the accident happened while under the care of Botswana National Sports Council.

She said that she went as far as the Office of the President where she was told to seek help from Social workers’ office in Charleshill.

“The only help I got from them was a food basket but food is not the issue here, my son’s life is in danger, He could be killed by the farmers whose goats he regularly molests.”

She also pointed out that recently some of her relatives were forced to sell all their goats after they caught him having sex with them inside their kraal.

“Having sex with goats is no life. My son has no life. Please help us,” the distraught mother pleaded, her voice cracking with emotion.

Meanwhile the Educational Regional Director for Gantsi, Mpho Isaiah said she was aware of the issue but refused to go into details since it was already above his level.

President of Botswana Integrated Sports Association, (BISA) Joshua Gaothobogwe told this publication in an interview that the issue was supposed to be handled by Botswana Boxing Association (BOBA) since it was their tournament but BOBA distanced itself from the matter.

BOBA Sports Development Officer, Healer Modiradilo also absolved his organisation of any responsibility and shifted it back to BISA.

“BISA is the one responsible; it was their tournament.” Modiradilo insisted, adding that the last time they heard about the issue was when the victim was still hospitalised.

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