My faith has been restored in the free market.
Well, sort of anyway, but that’s only because I was never a card carrying capitalist in the first place.

If I had been though, my holiday experience last week probably wouldn’t have come as such a pleasant surprise.

Here’s what happened:

My girlfriend and I wanted to go to a place called The Gower for two days to walk along the cliffs and beaches in southern Wales.

The area is a summer resort and it is winter now in the northern hemisphere so we went on the internet to see if we could find any local hotels that were offering out of season discounts.

In pula terms the deal we found wouldn’t sound too great but it was quite good for the UK and since it was better than we were hoping to find – two nights of bed and breakfast for less than half the normal price – we grabbed it.

I’ve done this kind of thing before so when we arrived I was expecting to get the room that no one who showed up willing to pay the full price would have gone for.

You know; the one with a bathroom the size of a closet, a lumpy mattress and a view of the dumpster or a concrete wall.

What we got, however, was the best room in the lodge.

It was spacious and comfortable, it had under floor heating, a shower and a bathtub and a view to the west across open fields to the Atlantic Ocean.

That was quite a surprise and I am happy to say the hotel and restaurant staff were all very polite and aware and they treated us at all times like valued, full-price-paying customers.

When we said we’d come to walk in the area the owner rushed off to get us his detailed map of the local trails.

When we wanted to alter the meals on offer it wasn’t a problem.

When we asked if we could take a pot of filter coffee back to the room after breakfast the waiter said of course and he told us to come back any time during the day for free refills.

The reason I’m telling you all this isn’t because I feel like we got a really good deal, which I do; it is because I think it was good business.

You see the lodge was less than half full and we only stayed there because the price was good.

That means even if the profit wasn’t as large as it would have been at full price, whatever it came to was that much more than they would have made if they had not offered the internet deal.

As for getting the best room in the house and friendly service once we were there, that could have just been good advertising but in this case it resulted in a bit more.

We have already recommended the lodge to family and friends but we were also so impressed with the whole set-up that we rearranged our plans so we could stay another night.

That’s the way the free market is supposed to work.

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