Though there was other event such as the Pitsong Workshop, the main event under the theme ‘Ke Motswana’ will take place on January 29th to the 31st at Serokolwane lawns.

Many tradition enthusiast will this Saturday enjoy a relaxed and refreshing day filled with nothing but the best of tradition.

The day will be fun filled with traditional games, songs and dance, starting from 10am.

The expectations are that once one arrives they become part of the event by getting involved in activities of the day.

For those who love traditional food served such as menoto, melala, mmidi, magwinya, bogobe, dinawa, merogo, seswaa and ditampa.

Then late afternoon there will be dikhaere competition, north of Dibete up against south of Dibete and again this will be participated by all.

Adults will part ways with P250 while children aged between 5 and 12 will be charged P100, interestingly there will be no charge for children under 5 years old.

All those attending the show are expected to put on their traditional out fits that resemble culture.

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