Serial rape suspects locked up
Ramaeba & Tolwe (L-R)

The duo has three separate rape cases each

Sojwe residents in Kweneng District will breathe a sigh of relief for a while after Molepolole Chief Magistrate Linah Oahile-Mokibe ordered that two alleged rapists be remanded in custody.

The co-accused, Ogolotswe Tolwe (32) and Jenamiso Ramaeba (26) are suspected to have raped their 29-year-old neighbor throughout the night after drinking local brew, ‘chibuku’ beer from a nearby depot in Sojwe.

In a case of ‘he said, she said’ the accused claim the victim only reported the case because they failed to pay her the P600.00 she demanded from them after what they claim was consensual sex.

Giving evidence in court, the victim’s 32-year-old sister said she got to know about the incident a day after it happened and convinced her young sibling to take the matter seriously and report the matter to the police.

“She told me that the accused persons told her not to report the matter to the police and I advised her to report the matter immediately while it was still fresh,” she added.

When asked if he had anything to say, Ramaeba said the Magistrate denied them bail in their last mention saying that they were having it better in prison while she had to work and preside over their case whilst her child was not feeling well.

“The police are also refusing to give me my clothes, I won’t accept the clothes from them while some are missing,” said a serious-faced Ramaeba who seemed less concerned about the rape charge leveled against him.

Responding to the issue of the missing clothes, the Prosecutor, Inspector Theresa Ntusa told the court that they once tried to give the accused his clothes and he refused to take them although they were the accused’s only registered clothes they had.

The Chief Magistrate advised Ramaeba to report the matter of the missing clothes to the station commander.

Both Tolwe and Ramaeba who are facing three separate cases of rape each will appear again in court on August 3rd.

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