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Accuses DCEC of ‘Gestapo tactics’ and deliberately setting out to humiliate him

#Currently being housed by foreign embassy

Embattled businessman Bakang Seretse, who is implicated in one of Botswana’s biggest ever money scandals, has accused the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) investigators of ‘Gestapo tendencies.’

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, Seretse blasted the directorate for ‘their immature behaviour’ and deliberately setting out to ‘humiliate’ him.

On Monday evening, authorities had placed Seretse’s home under judicial restraint as they began their high-profile operation to seize some of the properties they believe he purchased from proceeds of crime.

According to court record the DCEC says, “It is averred that the entire sum of P60, 000, 000 was never used to buy oil stock for Botswana Oil at all. Instead the money was used to buy Seretse’s properties amongst other things.”

The DCEC last week approached the court to seize the said properties, something Seretse condemned as, “The DCEC using maximum embarrassment as a tool in their fight with me.

“The events of the past few days go to confirm what I complained about. In full view of the media and the nation at large, the DCEC came in numbers accompanied by the army and police to affect a simple restraint order. Mind you, it’s not even a forfeiture order but merely a restraint.”

Seretse, who explained he only granted The Voice an interview because, “Obviously as an accused it’s always best to speak through my lawyer, but then again my feelings can only be best described by me!” further said, “So in this instance I can only say that I am not surprised by the actions of the DCEC.

“Their intention was to embarrass and humiliate me. In the process they have embarrassed the very government whom they are supposed to be agents of. Government has come out looking heavy handed, brutal and desperate. DCEC should be ashamed of their immature behavior!”

Seretse insists the DCEC have personalized his case.

“They have personalized this matter beyond imagination. They behave like the amaberete of South Africa, who terrorize people in townships. They continued their amaberete attitude to my brother’s workplace in Serowe, where he is a Chief. There at the Serowe main Kgotla they came with their Gestapo tactics and demanded his vehicle from him,” he said, further adding he has now come to terms with their (DCEC) ‘pettiness’.

Asked whether he is now homeless after the DCEC also seized his home, the eloquent businessman replied, “Correct they have. Luckily I have not been made homeless. I have had good assistance from a friendly foreign embassy which allowed me to use their guest house. Unfortunate for me, my other properties are on long term leases so I can’t go reside in them.”

In conclusion, Seretse commented somberly, “This is nothing but repression from the DCEC!”

The case where Seretse, through his lawyer, Kgosietsile Ngakaagae, is challenging the DCEC is expected to be heard today (Friday) at the Court of Appeal (CoA).

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