Sereetsi and the natives release Motoko
Tomeletso Sereetsi

Album launch in September

After a three year hiatus the much anticipated Sereetsi and the natives sophomore album titled Motokwe will finally be on the shelves on April 27.

The Contemporary folk album has a total of 10 songs including amongst others Mpopi, Mpopela, Maobenka and kgatha Thuu!

Speaking to the man behind the voice this week, Tomeletso Sereetse said “I decided to deliberately take the three- year break because I really believe in album packages more than I do in singles.

I believe in the whole package rather than people saying I only like this particular song.

I want people to listen to the whole album without even skipping a song, hence why I did not release any singles in between the break.”

The “Robete” hitmaker further said, “I am not a fan of a single body of work, songs should support each other they should sound like they are a family.

That is how I want people to experience my craft.”

The Botswana Musician Union (BOMU) award winner further stated that with his second album he has invested more in increasing the instruments, giving the album a different vibe from his debut “Four strings confessions”

“This particular album has more layers, more instruments. You will find that we have more strings and more guitars and also the Orchestration is different,” he said further adding that “it is really a strong album even if I do say so myself.”

Asked what his favorite song is in the new album, the former Journalist and Copyrights Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) chairman said “They are all my children really but I think I would go with ‘Maobenka’ & ‘kgatha thuu!’. But most reviews so far resonate with ‘Mpopi’, ‘Mpopela” and ‘Botengteng’.

The album launch of ‘Motoko’ Sereetsi says will come in September followed by a countrywide tour.

It remains to be seen if the man who stole the hearts of many with his debut album which had hit songs like“Thaa kokome will beat the odds and maintain his standard with his second offering.

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