VP accused of voting with the enemy to protect his interests

Vice President, Slumber Tsogwane has been singled out by his colleagues as one of the four sellouts who defied Botswana Democratic party caucus and voted with the opposition to oppose the proposed P900 supplementary budget for Masama Mmamashia water pipe.

Botswana Democratic Party got a nasty surprise at the last sitting of the 11th parliament when Members of Parliament from their party broke ranks and joined forces with the opposition to vote against a proposed supplementary budget for the ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation seeking P900 million for the 100km Masama-Mmamashia direct pipeline.

Since then, speculations have been rife on what could have lead the BDP members to defy their party caucus and vote with the opposition.

However Inside information reaching The Voice has suggested that Tsogwane is alleged to have voted against the supplementary budget because of his alligence which allegedly lies with the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) , a rival company to Khato Civil , a contractor which was awarded the tender.

According to a source within BDP, CCC gifted Tsogwane with a multipurpose industrial generator and developed his farm at Mmamashia to the tune of P1.9m.

Although Tsogwane did not deny that he knows CCC directors personally, he rubbished allegations that he had received gifts from the company.


“That is bullshit, it is all nonsense. I bought that generator and a truck from BDF. It is not only me who bought things from CCC, the late former President, Ketumile Masire bought some too,” the VP lashed out, adding that people were creating lies to tarnish his name.

“I am clean; I am not scared of them. They must stop lying because I bought the said generator.”

Regarding the bill, he said that he supported it and the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Kitso Mokaila who sat next to him in parliament could attest to that.

27 MPs voted against the bill while 24 supported it.

Mokaila, Eric Molale, Ignitius Moswaane and Tsogwane are the other three MPS accused of having voted with the opposition.

Efforts to get a comment from CCC failed as the company’s spokesperson, Joseph Mafa said that he was only handling matters for Gaborone –Boatle road project. Further follow ups failed as he did not answer the phone.

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