Selling by hook or crook
Selling by hook or crook

On New Year’s Eve, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was on a bus to Mochudi on his way to Morwa when he overheard a conversation on tricks used by newspaper vendors to make people buy newspapers and magazines.

VENDOR: Buy yourself copy of Kutlwano Magazine and read about Kabelo and Charma Girl’s new born baby.

LADY WITH BRAIDS: Can I have a copy please.

LADY IN JEANS: (To the hawker). Please come over this side, also want a copy of the magazine.

LADY WITH BRAIDS: The magazine doesn’t say anything about Kabelo and Charma Girl’s new born baby.

(To the hawker) Why do you to lie to us? Don’t you know that what you’re doing is false advertising?

(the hawker chuckles and leaves the bus).

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: I bought the magazine deliberately.

I could read from the front cover that it was about Charma Girl and motherhood and not what he told us.

LADY IN JEANS: He knew that if he makes up a story about someone popular, people would buy the magazine because Batswana have great interest in other people’s personal lives.

LADY WITH BRAIDS: These vendors always do that. A few months back they lied about Kabelo and Charma Girl being back together again.

Everyone was all over Gaborone looking for that Kutlwano Magazine.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: Ijoo, I was one of them and I was very disappointed when I couldn’t find one.

Luckily a friend had a copy and when I finally read it, I realised that the vendors had taken people for a ride. (laughter).

LADY IN JEANS: You See? They know we love such juicy stories.

When it’s about economic issues that directly affect us like inflation, nobody bothers to read.

If a paper has a story of a thokolosi seen walking in the village and wearing a coat on a hot day we rush to buy it yet most of us don’t even know who the new Bank of Botswana governor is. (laughter)

The conversation ends as the driver starts the bus.

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