Cover of Keep Calm and Love Myself book
Cover of Keep Calm and Love Myself book

Jonathan Conte’s first book is a gripping and very raw account of learning the hard way and finally understanding how to face his demons and stop his past from defining his future.

Exposing stark truths and bold realisations, this book is filled with shocking and compelling experiences that serve to guide even the weariest of spiritual travellers who are on a quest to discover their own self-worth and value.

There comes a day when we either choose to face our demons or allow them to continue defining our life’s forever.

Jonathan Conte: Author of Keep Calm and Love Myself book
Jonathan Conte: Author of Keep Calm and Love Myself book

About the Author
I was born in Leicester, United Kingdom in 1966. I have been a professional diver for all of my working life (military, commercial, film & television and instructional) and have travelled extensively working on a multitude of diving projects in many locations around the world.

I now work with very challenging and ‘hard-to-reach’ young people delivering vocational and life-changing programmes that are built predominantly around scuba diving, giving learners the amazing opportunity to become professional divers, thus allowing them to seek diving employment anywhere in the world, there have been a great number of success stories thus far.

I am currently single and have been married twice, I have a son and two daughters. I love and adore my children with all of my heart.

‘Keep Calm and Love MYSELF’ is my first book. It was written as a self-healing process and has helped me in a great many ways that just cannot be expressed in words.

I wrote this book in just 17 days and then spent a further 7 days ‘tweaking’ and editing it, it has been a very positive experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

It is my intention to start writing my next book very soon and to produce a series of ‘Keep Calm’ books. I hope you enjoy my first book and I would be very grateful if you could list your honest reviews in the FORUM page.



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