Self-centred leadership
LAVISH: Inside the plane hired for Mnangagwa

Our leaders never cease to amaze.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a typical example of a driver who indicates right but turns left.

Since he came into power, he has been promising to make major positive changes but dololo, as they would say in street lingo.

The only good thing that he actually did was to put an end to the numerous roadblocks that were once a common feature on the country’s roads.

But again this was only of benefit to motorists who were constantly been harassed by traffic cops and literally robbed through dubious fines.

As for everything else, he has actually been like his predecessor, former President, Robert Mugabe.

In fact some people are now arguing that Uncle Bob was actually a better man.

Mnangagwa’s latest act that irked the masses was when he chartered a plane from some Swiss company so he could travel to Ethiopia for the recent African Union Summit.

According to reports, the plane came at no less than U$3 million!

This makes one wonder if this government really has priorities or people’s interests at heart.

Why would so much money be spent on a silly trip which doesn’t add any value, why would Mnangagwa see it fit to charter a plane and fly like the world’s richest leader when the country’s coffer’s are literally empty?.

What also baffled many is that the government has been sending a begging bowl to the world because Zimbabwe is broke yet this man sees it proper to spend a small fortune chartering a plane so that him and his wife can enjoy the finer things in life.

He is so out of touch with reality it’s unreal!

Self-centred leadership
LIVING LARGE: President and his wife disembarking from the plane.

Recently, South Africa turned down a request for a loan from our government and who can blame them.

How does a poor man charter a plane and fly in opulence when the leader of South Africa, a country with a sound economy, flies on a commercial plane.

What is so special about Mnangagwa and his wife that they can’t fly with Air Zimbabwe or any other commercial airline like their neighbours do?

I am sure behind closed doors, some leaders really condemn this unbecoming behaviour and lack of empathy shown by Mnangagwa.

Yet he wants the world to believe that he is a better man than Mugabe.

At least during his time, Mugabe loved Air Zimbabwe and rarely hired planes.

Of course the national airline would divert planes to cater for his travel needs at the expense of other passengers but this was far better than this selfishness shown by our current leader.

And talking of Air Zim, I must say our national airline really is on its knees.

But again I guess it goes back to poor management, just like the poor management of the country and its resources.

I flew from Bulawayo to Joburg on Sunday and the only things on offer on the flight were water, coke or some juice which is diluted with water.

It was not even Mazoe, which is a well-known brand, but some other juice which recently came onto the market.

The juice or the coke was served in very small tumblers and the air hostesses resorted to diluting the juice for passengers with water which was not even cold.

There was nothing to chew to go with the liquid, not even Jiggies or Simba chips like they used to serve before.

Tough times for sure! Of course it’s a short flight but if the Air Zim management was serious about customer care and brand Air Zim, they would do better than this.

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