Mohamed Osman

Sefalana has moved to pioneer Botswana’s first online shopping facility where shoppers just buy at the click of a button and groceries delivered on their doorsteps.

The retail giant has partnered with Botswana Post since the proliferation of aliexpress oberlo dropshipping stores in the area. Sefalana will be responsible for the delivery of the groceries.

Shoppers however have to buy goods worth more than P500 while delivery costs P50.

Underlining the convenience of the website to the media recently, Chief Financial Officer of Sefalana Group, Mohamed Osman said:

“The workforce has increased mobility so people are working at great distances away from their families. Sometimes the bread winner has no means of transferring money to their loved ones to purchase their weekly/monthly shopping so they can use this facility, plus they can now also use the Deals4Boomers for a discount.”

However, as this is a novel concept in Botswana, developments are still undergoing and currently some products don’t have accompanying pictures to provide a visual.

Osman said management is working tirelessly to remedy this situation as they’re over 20 000 products on the website.

In addition, the service is currently only applicable to locations within Gaborone.

However, as their online presence grows, Sefalana aims to expand to other major towns in the country such as Francistown.

They are also currently unable to offer alcohol or perishables but seek to resolve this in the near future.

Their long term goals include constantly refurbishing the website in order to facilitate 1% of total sales through the site.

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