Leading wholesalers, Sefalana Cash and Carry will not be franchising any of its subsidiaries in the near future, as it is currently rolling out stores within the country.

Group Managing Director, Chandra Chauhun says despite the fact that their competitors are gaining mileage through franchising they have decided not to take such a route.
Sefalana group is currently operating wholesale and cash and carry businesses of Sefalana Hyper Store, Sefalana Cash & Carry Limited, Sefalana Home Store, Shoppers Supermarket and Liquor Shop.
“Currently we are not looking at franchising any of our stores, however we do have almost 450 banner members who we offer special deals to, should they buy from us,” he added.
Furthermore, Chauhun said they would not be expanding their Shoppers Supermarket outside the country in the near future, as the group aimed at rolling out between 30 and 40 stores in the country before looking elsewhere.
“In the meantime, we continue to look at other markets within the SADC region,” he added.
However, he said the rolling out of Shoppers Supermarket would bank on the realisation that their brand has been well accepted by the general public as they are offering different shopping experience.
“Shoppers has been extremely well accepted and have been warmly welcomed as we are there to offer a different shopping experience than our competitors,” he said.
Mr Chauhun further added that their brand is targeting middle to lower segment of the community as well as offering cleaner premises and products to be ahead of competitors.

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