Sebinjolo reunites with Makau
REVAMPED: The new look Makau (Sebinjolo on the left)

Having first caught the public’s eye back in 2010 with their hit single ‘Sebinjolo’, the recently revamped Makau have returned to their roots, albeit with a slightly different sound, for their latest offering ‘Kedibonye’.

The three-man band, whose comedy infused style of music makes them one of the country’s more unique acts, parted ways with lead singer Leo Molomo last year.

The group have since reunited with 26-year-old Resego Magetse aka ‘Sebinjolo’, who was instrumental in Makau’s early rise to prominence.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, band member Tiro Thebe said ‘Sebinjolo’ was the obvious replacement for Molomo.

“We lost Molomo late last year; there was no beef or anything he just wanted to pursue a solo career. We then decided to engage Sebinjolo because truth of the matter is when we first came out he was a very important part of our rise to stardom.”

The 27-year old singer revealed that the new-look band plan to release their third album later this year.

“We have not changed our sound entirely. We still maintain the Makau sound that we all love, the fusion of Mpaxanka and a bit of traditional together with a few comic stunts,” he said.

For ‘Kedibonye’ Makau have introduced a more up beat tempo to their sound, giving the new song the feel of a house track.

“We felt our original sound of Mpaxanka and traditional limited us in term of where we can perform and how. We thought to stretch ourselves a bit further and infuse the house element in our album,” explained Thebe.

For his part, Sebinjolo told Voice Entertainment, “I have always worked with the group but I was a bit more behind the scenes. I started the journey with them and it was only inevitable that I officially become a band member.”

Brimming with excitement as he contemplates the future and his new role with Makau, Sebinjolo said, “I have so many creative ideas that I intend on bringing into the group. When the album drops we are definite that we will go up the charts once again.”

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