Seatbelts & Open Spaces
Seatbelts & Open Spaces

On the topic of Young Batswana turning lemons into lemonade, we have come across another Gem in the rough, her name is Thuto Sekate, the Creative Director and founder of Seatbelts & Open Spaces.

An Eco Fashion brand that makes clothing, bags, accessories and home decor using African fabrics and incorporating waste material into their designs.

Thuto: Accomplish your goals to achieve your dreams 

Her passion for making accessories started in 2015 sparked by the love she had for dream catchers, which translated into statement earrings, which then birthed a line of contemporary accessories inspired by our Makgabe and the Masai in Kenya.

TIA: Jade flaunting dream catcher inspired ear pieces 

The apparel aspect of the lifestyle brand is a fusion between African tradition and modern culture.

The prints are bold and the silhouettes are clean minimalistic cuts, a relevant style that can be dressed up or down, given the occasion.

Style: Serati in a casual bell bottom stunner 

“We have had the honor of being adorned by Tsholo Dikobe, Mpho Sebina and Zolani of Freshly Ground.We were the only local brand selling at Afropunk when it first came to Joburg in 2017.

We have been part of events such as the BW Youth Business Expo, where we won 1st place under the category- Environmental Conservation in 2017 and third place in 2018.”

Style is always in fashion

“We are setting up our store in Kasane although we still sell in Gaborone. Would love to see our store fully operational in both Kasane and Gaborone within the next six months.Currently we are applying for a few fashion shows around Africa, such as Africa Fashion Reception and the AFI fashion show in South Africa”

“Our biggest achievement will be when we start exporting to the US and Europe, to better represent my country without compromising our brand quality.”

The future looks brighter for Seatbelts & Spaces, in an economy were local fashion is currently on the pedestal.

It is going to create more opportunities andemployment to her existing team, allowing others to become part of something bigger.

For your information, the movement currently is support local, its products and services.

Check them out on Facebook at Seatbelts & Openspaces and on Instagramat Seatbelts_and_Openspaces.

You can find them at the Main Mall Pop up market every month end by the Diamond Square and on

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