Scramble for BPF
Biggie Butale

The formation of the new party Botswana Patriotic Front has apparently sent confusion and panic within both the ruling party and opposition parties.

The new party was officially announced by Tati West Member of Parliament Biggie Butale in Serowe this past Saturday.

Yours Truly has been told that some opportunistic politicians who lost primary elections from their respective parties are looking to hitch a ride on Ian Khama’s party to save their political careers.

Apparently this has made life difficult for rightful candidates in the BDP as Bulela Ditswe losers have now found a new lease of life.

Shaya is aware of a certain individual in a Francistown constituency who was contemplating running as an independent, who is now begging for Khama to give him a ride.

A little birdie whispered to Yours Truly that Khama however does not want the man. Similarly in Tswapong, Bobirwa, Boteti and as far as Jwaneng/Mabutsane BPF has set mother against daughter, father against son and brought enemies under one blanket.

Ladies and gentlemen, 2019 will be one hell of a ride. So buckle up!

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