Mmanoko Primary School authorities have shrugged off any responsibility after a student allegedly survived drowning in a pit-latrine during a classroom break.

Fellow students on a bathroom break are said to have had the shock of their lives recently after hearing desperate cries coming from inside one of the school’s pit latrines.

Upon further investigation, the startled students discovered one of their own, a Standard Two pupil, ‘drowning’ inside the toilet.

Talking to The Voice this week, the young girl’s mother, 39-year-old Reginah Letebejane said she found her daughter soaked in faeces.

“She was shivering and confused, probably from the shock of the incident,” said Letebejane, adding that her daughter has since lost appetite, suffers nightmares, is skittish and complains of a pain in the ribs after the incident.

The angry mother, who is struggling to come to grips with her daughter’s brush with death, says the school authorities have still not addressed the issue with her.

“They say they are waiting for the Standard Seven pupils to finish their exams first,” she claimed.

Letebejane, an Ipelegeng Programme Worker, insists the incident was an ‘accident waiting to happen’ and blames the teachers for neglecting the children in their care.

“There is a newly built ablution block, I don’t understand why children are still expected to use these old toilets,” she said, adding that the toilets are too big to be used by little children like hers.

“I fear my baby might have internal injuries and no one from the school has come to see me or the child after the accident,” continued the visibly frustrated mother.

Efforts to get a response from the school Deputy Head Master to confirm the incident were futile as the school representative directed this publication to the Kweneng Regional Education Director, Benson Rauwe.

Despite the girl’s mother’s firm insistence that the incident happened during the week in an examination break, the Director said the school authorities denied any knowledge of the incident and suggested that the incident may have occured on a weekend where the school can not be held liable.

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