Scare as Flava Dome’s Sadie may never return
Sadi & Hirschfield

still in hospital two weeks on

After an awful accident involving veteran promoter Zenzele Hirschfeld and Botswana television (BTV) Flava Dome presenter Sadie Boipelo Dikgaka, the latter’s fate on the prime time show is doubtful.

The accident happened on January 5.

Sources say that Dikgaka who is currently still hospitalized recovering from the accident may never return to the show.

The accident happened near the Block 8 circle two weeks ago whilst the duo in the company of two others were allegedly on their way to Gaborone north.

The car they were using overturned injuring the two personalities. The two were hospitalized at the Gaborone Private Hospital (GPH).

“Sadie was hurt really bad around her leg area. I have been told she has a fracture which will take some time to heal,” said the tight lipped source.

Sadie’s co host Loungo “King Bee” Pitse has of late been hosting the show alone, with some saying this may go on for quite a long time.

Whilst Dikgaka’s phone rang unanswered, Hirschfeld confirmed the accident. Although Hirschfield, who is also rapper Ban T’s manager, has been released from hospital she says she is still recovering from the horrific accident.

“We were from a business meeting in Phase 2 and were on our way to Gaborone North. Sadie was with her friend and I was with my uncle but we were using the same car, a Ford Ranger. When we got to the block 8 circle the car rolled over,”

“I was trapped for some time because I had put on the seat belt. I was the last one to be rescued, I am thankful for everyone who has had us in their prayers,” confirmed Hirschfeld.

Sadie is still hospitalized at the Gaborone Private Hospital (GPH).

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