Saved from the mob
Saved from the mob

Police rescues man wrongfully accused of robbery and rape

A young man from Mandunyane village suspected to be a robber and rapist intends to take legal action against a mob that beat him to a bloody pulp last Wednesday.

Oganeditse Maje, 28, was left nursing wounds to his face and body after being attacked by a mob at a shopping complex in Donga-Francistown.

Maje walked into The Voice office on Tuesday afternoon and wasted no time in relating his harrowing experience.

With bloodshot eyes, a split lip and swollen forehead, Maje slumped into a chair and sighed heavily before reliving the memories of his ordeal.

Maje said most of his Wednesday was spent cleaning a yard in the Donga army barracks, a piece job where he was paid P200.

He said later that evening he went to a nearby chibuku depot to pass time with fellow patrons. “I was on my second carton when someone I know approached me.

He called me aside and asked me to accompany him to a nearby yard,” said Maje.

He said he realised too late that he’d just walked into a trap. “A few metres after leaving the drinking spot a group of people came out of nowhere.

One sent me crushing down with a kick to the crotch,” he said.

Fuming, Maje told The Voice that the group then assaulted him; kicking him as he laid sprawled on the ground.

“It was during this assault that I picked up that the mob was linking me to the robbery and rape of a bartender which happened on Sunday,” he said.

Earlier in the week this publication reported about Francistown police’s investigation into a robbery and rape at Donga Bars.

Maje said after the blood thirsty mob got tired of kicking him around they locked him up in a car boot and drove off.

“When they opened the boot I immediately realised that we were in front of Bonanza bars, the same bars a bartender was robbed and raped a few days back,” he said.

“They had delivered me to the slaughter. Word quickly went around that the robbing rapist has been arrested and patrons proceeded to hit me with anything they could find,” he said.

The Mandunyane lad said he played dead a couple of times in the middle of the merciless attack but had to “resurrect” as the beating never stopped.

“I was saved by the police. Never in my life was I ever happy to see police arriving at a scene,” he said.

The young man said he was shocked when the police locked him up in a cell instead of taking him to the hospital.

“I only received medical attention the next day. I don’t know why I spent a night in a police cell after being assaulted, that is why I need the police to explain my incarceration,” he said.

Maje said before receiving medical attention he went for an interview where he paraded with others.

“The rape victim came in and could not identify the person who robbed and raped her,” he said.

“I registered a complaint with the police, I want the people who assaulted me to face the wrath of the law, but the police are dragging their feet,” claimed Maje.

However Central Police Station Commander Superintendent Lebalang Maniki said investigations are still ongoing, and Maje is not off the hook yet.

Maniki said Maje was arrested by the public and handed over to the police.

“He was charged for loitering, but he’s still a suspect in the Donga robbery and rape case. We are still investigating,” said Maniki.

Maniki further said they have done everything required for Maje to register a complaint.

“He has every right to register a complaint of assault as a citizen of this country,” Maniki said.

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