Mother whose violent child has terrorised the family makes plea for him to be locked up
“He even boasts that a whip can only kill a rat.”
Had it not been for a technicality, 22- year- old Poloko Pese would be rotting in jail right now. Instead wayward and violent Pese got away with a P200 fine for assaulting his mother because Inspector Kgakgamatso Koboyatshwene of Maun Police had failed to bring to the court’s attention his previous convictions.

Pese’s narrow escape has however left his 46-year -old mother, Ananiah Pese frustrated and terrified of what her monster son could do next to terrorise the family. Expressing her frustrations at the light sentence, Pese’s mother told of how the young man had tormented the family for over two years and their hope were that the latest attack would result in a conviction and a jail sentence.
“She came back from one of his regular drinking sprees and demanded cigarettes,” said Ananiah. Fearing another violent confrontation Ananiah fetched a couple of cigarettes from the family tuck shop and gave it to Pese.
After filling his lungs with nicotine, the standard five drop-out then demanded food and her mother duly handed him a plate of pap and beef.

“What ensued then was total madness,” said Anania.
The young Pese is said to have demanded his preferred menu of pap and fish. Attempts to explain that there was no fish was met with fury from the young man. “He banged the door into my face which sent me tumbling to the ground,” Ananiah told court.
While she called out for help from neighbours the troublesome youth set the family reed toilet on fire and pelted stones at his father Amos Rere (56).  Rere told The Voice in an interview that they no longer feel safe in their own home because of the boy’s unruly behaviour.
“He damaged two television sets, a radio, car wind screen and the tuck shop doors,” said the soft spoken father who now sleeps in the tuck-shop to guard it from possible Pese attack.

DAMAGED: A vehicle destroyed by Pese
DAMAGED: A vehicle destroyed by Pese

Their home is left with four huts after Pese set the fifth hut ablaze. Rere said that he had to fit windows in their house four times after Pese broke them at night.
“He once told me to my face that he was going to kill me so he can inherit my property”. A re o batla go ja boswa, ke eng gone moo.”
When asked why they did not report the past incidents, Rere said the boy has been whipped on bare buttocks at the customary court for a record 30 times all in vain.
“He even boasts that a whip can only kill a rat.”
Pese has in the past escaped jail on medical grounds, as he was deemed to be mentally disturbed but the tormented family blames alcohol and marijuana for his insane behaviour.

“When he is sober you can feel sorry for him but let him get drunk that is when you will see the monster in him,” said Rere.
After court, an elder blamed police for not keeping records especially those of cases tried at customary courts.  “We know this boy. He has been tried here several times and it is shocking to here that he does not have previous convictions,” said the elder as he walked away.
His mother told The Voice that she expects the worst.  “He is going to demand that P200 fine from us. Can’t the law protect parents from their own children?” she asked.

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