Following the controversy over his resignation letter which went viral on social media this week, Botswana National Front (BNF) legislator for Gantsi North- Noah Salakae, says he will decide on August 7th whether or not to resign his post as party Treasurer.

A copy of Salakae’s resignation letter went viral on social media on Tuesday night before he could officially hand it over to the BNF leadership, sending a wave of anxiety among party members.

In the letter, Salakae complained about the manner in which the BNF together with the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) are being run. “The BNF Central Committee exists only in name because the party is run by Comrade Boko’s bodyguards. The BNF Executive Committee never meets. Ever since the AP comrades left, we are still to meet as the UDC parliamentary caucus to mention but a few,” the letter reads in part.

The BNF legislator further says, in the letter, that as party central committee members they cannot open up on the truths because of the love and respect they have for the BNF and its members.

Salakae confirmed to The Voice in an interview that indeed the letter was his but refused to discuss its contents. “That letter was meant for the Secretary General of our party and not the public and it is unfortunate that it got leaked. For that reason I will not be discussing anything to do with it except to acknowledge that it is mine,” he said.

Salakae has since put on hold his decision to resign saying a lot of people have asked him not to. “Having seen how I managed their books, some party members pleaded with me not to resign and wait for the Central Committee where the issues I raised will be discussed.”

He however said that although the hard hitting letter was already in the public domain, he does not think it will affect the relationship with the party and its president, Duma Boko. “We are supposed to differ as comrades but how we do it is more important,” he explained.

He said that his decision did not come overnight as it is something that he has been thinking over a long period. “A lot of things have not been going well including at the Umbrella for Democratic Change,” he said.

Meanwhile the BNF’s Publicity Secretary, Justin Hunyepa said that the party will look into the letter and act accordingly. “We have so many capable people who can take over but we do acknowledge that he did a good job,” added Hunyepa.

IN BLACK AND WHITE: Salakae’s resignation letter

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