Masisi’s remarks are petty and pedestrian- Hunyepa

Member of Parliament for Gantsi North, Noah Salakae has dismissed remarks made by President Mokgweetsi Masisi over the weekend about him as false.

When launching Botswana Democratic Party’s candidate for Gantsi North, John Thite, Masisi told his audience that he was busy courting Salakae to the BDP and it was only a matter of time before the Umbrella for Democratic Change MP joins the ruling party.

“He does not have a good working relationship with his party president, Duma Boko,” Masisi had retorted about Salakae.

However, Salakae denied that he ever held any talks with the president.

“It can never be true. I joined politics for a reason and that reason can never be associated with the BDP. I remain one of the few opposition members who have never had a meeting with BDP agents for purposes of recruitment. Not even go solohediwa Madi. (not even to be promised money)
Maybe I take myself so serious that they don’t want to play games with me,” Salakae said.

He then went on to slam BDP, pointing out that it is the only party in the world he was aware of that can field an accused person in a corruption case in the general election, adding that there was no way he could join such a party.

“The issue of bad blood between me and Boko is a figment of Masisi’s imagination perpetuated by some within the BNF so they could gain for free what they don’t want to work for,” Salakae lashed out.

He said that after hearing Masisi’s remarks, he contacted Boko to appreciate his view on the matter.

“As a committed cadre of the struggle my conduct must always be exemplary in the midst of the struggle and Boko’s response was as candid as mine, which is we are not in the struggle to make friendships. He knows his role, I know mine. For your information, I respect the integrity of the office of the BNF presidency that Boko holds. He remains my president,” he said.


Meanwhile, the BNF’s Secretary General, Justin Hunyepa has also dismissed Masisi’s remarks of a feud between Boko and Salakae as baseless.

“Masisi remarks are just petty and pedestrian. He thinks that saying that Salakae and Boko are at loggerheads will help their rejected candidate win the parliamentary seat, but he will be shocked and disappointed as Salakae wins again with a bigger margin,” said Hunyepa who went on to claim that they were now used to BDP lies and propaganda against the BNF.

“The same BDP and its cheerleaders have claimed that BNF is dead while the party went on to win the entire three parliamentary bye elections held since 2014,” Hunyepa noted.

Their only advise to Masisi, Hunyepa said, would be for him to marshal his troops for an unfriendly and rough opposition terrain after October elections as the UDC wins the 2019 general elections, including Gantsi North constituency.

“He should be taking this opportunity to counsel the BDP members and to ponder on how he is going to account for having destroyed the BDP in an election year through his endless fight with former President Ian Khama,” added Hunyepa.

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