SAAM-2013In its efforts to continue to fulfill its objectives to increase awareness and educate the public on substance use, abuse, and dependency, BOSASNet has chosen the month of August 2013 to commemorate its 3rd annual Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM).

This year’s SAAM theme is ‘Preventing Youth and Substance Use – What’s Your Role?’

The campaign theme has been chosen because of the prevalence of youth using substances in Botswana, as evidenced by the clients seen at BOSASNet.

This campaign will focus on the prevention of the onset of substance use as well as the intervention of current substance use, abuse, and dependence among youth aged 13 to 20 years.

The slogan ‘What is Your Role?’ aims to bring attention to the responsibility of parents/guardians, the community, the media, and the youth themselves in preventing, reducing, and even stopping youth substance use.

Therefore, by the end of SAAM these roles should be clearly identified and actionable.

The key activities of SAAM will include two Awareness Walks, a Substance Free Fun Day, , a Panel Discussion and Public Lecture on Education and Prevention, Facilitated Movie Screenings, a Flash Mob, a Responsible Selling and Purchasing of Alcohol and Tobacco Campaign, and public awareness campaigns through mass media and general population education.

With continued support from the community, Substance Abuse Awareness Month has been successful with reaching its intended goals in previous years. With last year’s theme being ‘Family and Substance Abuse – Recovery for All’, and the previous year’s being the 1st Annual SAAM, this August looks to already be a success.

For more information about SAAM, visit our Facebook page or website (

If you would like to participate or help out with SAAM, please give us a call on 395 9119, 72659891, or e-mail [email protected]

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