SA PR Company dumps Boko

UDC President fails to pay his debt

A South African Public Relations, Status Reputation Management (SRM) that has being engaged by Duma Boko to help his party the, Umbrella for Democratic Change with campaign strategy has dumped him.

The fall out between the UDC President and the PR Company came into place after Boko failed to pay for the services that were rendered with bills allegedly running close to a million.

According to a source the highly respected SRM, has had a significant campaigning successes across Africa, “through integrated political war room solutions that incorporate a host of strategies including traditional PR, new and social media, marketing, and direct campaigning methods” was going to help the UDC to win elections.

The organisation was expected to assist the UDC leadership in communicating its vision for change, true empowerment, inclusion and development, and through its unified front and diversified leaders; however that failed after Boko failed to pay as per agreement.

The move has been confirmed by SRM Chief Executive Officer, Madelain Roscher in an interview with this publication.

“Earlier this year we signed Boko as a client to him and the UDC with their election campaign, unfortunately we, stopped all PR and campaign work for him and his party as they have not been able to pay us for work already completed.”

Although Roscher was confident that Boko will settle his bills, she refused to disclose the amount that he owes.

She dismissed allegations that the fallout resulted because of Boko’s behaviour.

Allegations are that Boko had gone beyond business and proposed for a love affair with Roscher.

“Those are lies coming from people who want to discredit Boko, he has been professional,” she added.

The UDC president refused to give clarity on the matter apart from saying that they were close with Roscher.

“I don’t discuss my issues in the media. I don’t discuss the strategic partnership the UDC has including its financial and other obligations with the media,” he said

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