Role Models vs Fashion Models
GOAL: Is it to look the same?

Uniforms can be good.

For example, if we were to take our children to a circus, we would want them to recognise the clowns.If they didn’t, it could be disturbing for them to see grown men hitting each other with oversized foam hammers.

And it might be frightening if one picked up a container of confetti that looked like a bucket of water and threw it at them.

Fortunately, circus clowns dress-up and make-up so they all look the same. Funny suits, white gloves, bald heads with frizzy hair around the edges, red noses, painted smiles and high eyebrows.

Uniforms are good for sports competitions as well.They help spectators identify their team and in games like football, they allow players to pass the ball to teammates without having to look first at each player’s face, but I think trying to fit in can be taken too far.

For example, I watched a women’s football match on TV last week between England and Russia and I had to use the uniforms to tell the players apart.

Not just to tell the English players from Russians, but also to differentiate players on each team from their teammates.

There were exceptions and all the skin colours were not the same but I had to use the numbers on the white girls’ shirts because most of them had bleached blond hair and all their faces looked the same to me.

Shiny lips, thin slanted eye brows and lots of powdery stuff on their faces. I know loads of make-up is in fashion but I was surprised to see professional athletes wearing it during a game.

Before I go any further, I should mention I think men are just as likely as women to conform to the way the advertising world and our peers expect us to look.

Why do lawyers, bankers and businessmen always wear suits when they are working and most of them wear designer labels when they are not? Probably because that is the way our society tells them they are supposed to look.

Maybe that’s why the lady footballers are now trying to look like fashion models.

Whatever the reason, I am not happy about it because kids often see professional athletes as role models, and the message the ladies are sending out is that even on the sports field, girls should try to shoot for society’s ideal look, although there are people to really make an effort to look this good by having a fitness life, or by using plastic surgery from professionals as the Dr. Joseph Racanelli that offer this kind of procedures. You can also check out the latest services from Galumbeck Plastic Surgery and learn more.

By the way, I am not totally against make-up.

I just don’t want to be aware of it.

That is, I think it is fine if it is used sparingly to highlight natural features, but I don’t think it looks good as an added feature.

That is not the typical view these days, but maybe that is because it would not be in the cosmetic companies’ interest to promote restrained use of their products.

Anyway, that’s how I see it and I believe it is okay to express alternative views.

I also think it is fine to look different, unless, of course,we want to be part of a team… or a clown.

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