Robbers fail to crack BURS safe
Robbers fail to crack BURS safe

Immigration and Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) employees at Tlokweng International Border gate woke up to a horrendous scene finding their offices ransacked by robbers whose main interest where their safes which wouldn’t crack.

On Tuesday morning as employees of both entities where reporting for duty, they found their office doors broken fully ajar and discovered that there had been intruders who had tried to pry their way into their safes but fortunately couldn’t and were further deterred by the inevitable daybreak.

BURS Tlokweng Border gate Customs Manager Drake Ramaeba reiterated the claims.

“They used dynamite to try and get into our strong rooms but failed, they wanted to see what we have in there!” he said, adding that it had been a while since they had had such an incident but they were always ready hence the failed attempt.

Tlokweng police Station Commander Superintendent Robson Maleka confirmed the incident and shared that the bizarre case has been reported to their office.

“It looks like whoever was there, tried to open the safes but failed and they ended up withdrawing their intensions of robbing both places,” he said.

Maleka shared with The Voice that no arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing in the case.

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