January is of the worst month for many people.

And one would at times never wish that there was festive season because many have got a tendency of spending as if there is no tomorrow in the December period.

Come January, most of the people will not be able to even take their loved to a night out where lovers can rekindle their love.

In fact, most relationships take a tumble during the month of January. Some even break up forever.

But Francistown’s exclusive hangout joint has come to a rescue of many.

And tonight (Friday) is the night for those whose relationships were on the brink of a breakup to tie the loosening bolts.

With the Rhythms and Blues (R‘n’B) guru in DJ KUD (Kuda Molebedi) on the ones and twos, everything will be sorted.

Known for his good and soothing music, DJ KUD is expected to heal the wounds of love for those who are hurt.

DJ KUD will not be alone, as the legendary DJ Bunz (Peter Gaetsewe) will be also available.

Mike Njuga, the club manager said the ladies free promotion is still on until the last day of January.

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