Ringo Madlingozi

Renowned South African jazz singer Ringo Mandlingozi has promised to give revelers the best he has to offer when he performs at Botswana Craft Marketing next month.
The show is jointly sponsored by The Voice Newspaper,Duma FM and Botswana Craft Marketing.
Ringo as he is known to most is billed to perform at the venue on September 17.
Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday he promised a show that will feature music from all his 13 albums.
“The songs will bring memories to a lot of people. There will be a lot of love on and off stage,” he said.
On another development Ringo encouraged local artists to do their best to suit their music to the time they are living in without comprising themselves.
“My music changes with the times. I go with the new sound but never lose my identity and I think that can work for any artist.
Going on to encourage Batswana artists to learn the basics of their art so they can understand what they are doing better and avoid being ripped off by those who know more than themselves he said:  “knowing how to play an instrument helps one get the sound they want. If you cannot play an instrument and dictate you end upon compromising your music. You also run the risk of having your song stolen by whoever you are dictating to,’’ he said.
Tickets for the show which will also feature the Botswana Jazz Quartet and Eugene Jackson cost P200.00 and will be sold in advance at the Botswana Craft Marketing.

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Lucricia Bogman

i just cant wait 4 september 17th OMG!!!…


re tlaabo rele daa


“Into yam”, re tla be re le daaaah!!!



joe junior

hey people the devil is going to kill you, stop following his things but put your focus on GOD


Eish!Ringo wa roka o ratwa ke nna! problem mnate o tsisiwa hela ko GC, rona mo getto le a risaga.

Lona ba ba reng re tlabo re daaa le seka la lebala ka school fees sa bana dikolo di a bulwa. P200.00 o ka duela school fees sa ko Marang CJSS ebile gase P200.00 ke P150.00 per term. Pliz guys bana pele.

joe junior

God is coming and shall reward every man according to his works and if you waiste your time ka bo ringo you will suffer the outcomes. that guy the devil is using him and lona lo mo setse morago o kare le mogatla wa gagwe you are going to suffer. God is coming and lona lo a tshameka heeee

fitter machinist

wena JOE JUNIOR o a hlanya. otlogetse sekolo o bala bokae tota!


Joe junior who are you to judge other people. A nte le bala e re Bible. You judge ringo, you insult other readers, My brother o tlhokana le go itse the bible gore ya reng. Go ya ko ga Ringo it’s not a sin. A sin ke se wena o le motho o se dirang like you do you are sinning. But only God will judge you when the time comes. I am a Christian and I don’t like it when other “Christian” behave in this way. Try to show other people the way not judging them. If you show… Read more »

joe junior

@ Ethek………. read the bible in psalm 1:1 and also dont you know these verse “what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion has light with darkness?” the bible in hebrews 12:14 says “follow peace with all men and Holiness without which no man shall see GOD” l know what lm saying

Logistix Muface

so who us unholy now Joe junior. you are quoting the verses to justify that Ringo’s crowd is unholy or what? Either way you mean that wenna you are holier than them? that’s judgement to me.


le rona we are christioans in our own right…but this is not Gods Channel please!!!while we will be there dancing and enjoying the night with a few drinks and soothing sounds (Buyisa & Ndihambile)…lona wanna-be priests or brothers or pastors or wateva u call urselfs—u will be out the mo mahihing le kota basadi ba batho le swela mo godimo ga bone…or le lowa—u are nothing in the eyes of the almighty(remember that)…sunday wa di 19–ke tla bo ke le ko kerekeng ya Thapelong(kanye)…go and check me out if u wanna know wat God really likes!!!