PLAYING WITH FIRE: Some of team members during the competition


Using guns for some explosive fun

This past weekend, 1st February 2014, saw the kick off for the Rifle and Clay Club Season, with Hotwire PRC Trap and Auto ball Club Competition. The Club’s first competition for the year, the event saw three squads competition.

The Rifle and Clay Shooting Club which has been in existence before Independence, proved that it is still going strong after building three full squads at the Club competitions.

“We have seen a marked growth in both participation and interest in our Club,” said Club Vice-Chair, Kabelo Binns. “Besides a great way to spend the day, there is the added benefit of a place where safe handling of firearms can be taught to members.”

The Club has in the past years invested heavily on equipment and facilities. “We would like to create Botswana’s first Olympic team for shooting. This is not just a dream as we, at present, already have shooters participating in the region and winning.”

The shooting range plays host to different gun men clad in protective gear mug head phones and bullet belts, with the occasional accessory attachment and a cheap red dot sight or two, shooting at clay pigeons. Clay pigeon shooting is different from shooting stationary targets. It is rather a challenging sport that tests hand to eye co-ordination.

For first timers, one can watch with fascination as these ‘marks men’ bring down targets one after the other.

Although unpopular among locals, target shooting can be an exhilarating way to spend a weekend.

With the recent announcement of a hunting ban, you sons of a gun have no choice but to shoot at clay pigeons.

Winners for this weekend’s competition were:

  • Francois Jooste –  High Gun
  • Jan Smuts –  Class A
  • Carl Redinger  –  Class B
  • Wangu Mphinyane – Class C
  • Louisa Barnard –    Ladies
  • Francois Jooste –   Auto ball

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