Ride in style…


There is something intriguing about men and motorbikes.

Perhaps it’s the clothing they wear when they are riding, because the man on the bike knows how to represent himself as a sophisticated, edgy stylish rider.

Steadily becoming a growing, favorite pastime for many gentlemen in Gaborone, there are several biking clubs such as the three CHIEFS, North and South riders, Lobatse Bike buddies, Elite Riders and Diarora Bikers club who take this as a way of life.

Like any industry, this culture or lifestyle has elements they abide by.

Imagine a biker without the key statements pieces for motorcycling! The helmet, biker boots, leather jackets, sunglasses are all embedded in the biking lifestyle that makes the biking experience what it is.

Gone are the days when these staple pieces where just for protection.

It’s a new era of design and class that encompasses quilting and padding, modern panels and ultra-slick feel for utmost comfort.

The Voice On Fashion talked to Moemedi Tshwenyana, of Lobatse Bike Buddies about this lifestyle and why he chose it.

“It’s a lifestyle full of love, support across all clubs, and clean fun. I chose the colour red for my motorbike so I can be visible on the road, and also, most importantly, it just gives a classic urban twist to my look and distinguishes me from the rest.” he said.

Are you planning on trying a new hobby or lifestyle?

Then why not try riding? Here are the essentials to ride in style.


PHOTOGRAPHY | Oranotse Mpudi

BIKER | Moemedi Tshwenyana

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