Rhinos could go extinct by 2030
RHINO WALKERS: Wilderness Safaris employees

Risk continues to exist across the African continent

Communities need to be sensitized about rhino poaching and other illegal activities that threaten to bring rhinos to extinction by the year 2030.

And as part of Wilderness Safaris’ ongoing Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project and other conservation partnerships, which have contributed in mitigating the rhino poaching threat in Botswana, the entity recently participated in the Walk for Rhinos Campaign to sensitize the public about the risk that continues to exist across the continent.

Implemented by Kane Motswana, an ex-Wilderness Manager, Professional Guide and Owner of The Safari Embassy, the main aim of the campaign was to contribute to the protection of rhino by empowering communities to act against rhino poaching and other illegal activities that threaten the existence of rhinos.

The 19-day walk through rural villages and bushes of Botswana was aimed at educating communities about the immense value of rhino and wildlife in general, as well as the importance of safeguarding Botswana’s spectacular biodiversity.

Wilderness Safaris Botswana recently sponsored and took part in the campaign, which began on November 6 in Shakawe in the Okavango panhandle and continued through villages along the river and the Delta before ending in Maun on the 24th, covering a total distance of 470 km.

“It was an honour for Wilderness Safaris to be one of the main presenters at all the kgotla meetings. It gave us a great platform to communicate with the elders of each community, highlighting the significance of sustainable ecotourism,” said Wilderness Safaris Cultural Ambassador and Community Relationship Manager, Lesh Moiteela.

Moiteela continued that the campaigns other importance is that of conservation and highlighting the indirect benefits that derive from the model such as employment creation and better service facilities.

For his part, Wilderness Safaris Botswana Managing Director, Kim Nixon highlighted that the company was built on a passion for wildlife conservation almost 35 years ago.

“We still remain committed to our 4Cs sustainability ethos as ever before, ensuring that Commerce, Community, Culture and Conservation are all equally important to the business,” said Nixon.

He added that they are proud to have been at the forefront of the ‘Walk for Rhinos’ initiative and will continue to work closely with the local community partners to ensure the sustainability of their joint conservation efforts.

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