Bitter divorce exposes DIS black operation

A damning report detailing how Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) uses covert and surreptious methods to help BDP win elections has been exposed.

Set to come to the fore when a bitter divorce case between one Olivia Bagodile Mhatlhe and a DIS digital forensics and computer crime investigator, David Seganelo Mhatlhe begins at the High Court next week, the report was leaked to The Voice on Wednesday.

The document addressed to Eric Molale and titled, ‘The role of human and digital intelligence in a political campaign’ details how the spy unit could assist BDP candidates to win in October using clandestine operations such as ‘espionage, black propaganda, spy ring, black budget funds and counter intelligence’ to infiltrate and fight the opposition.

It even suggests “ elimination of target” when necessary.

The document starts off with proposing the use of “ Black Propaganda, which is described as “false information and material that purports to be from a source on their side of the campaign but is actually from the opposing side (us). It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy,” the report explains.

It then goes on to suggest another technique called spy ring, which entails using people who are good communicators who can live in the enemy’s circles and know their friends.

“A spy cannot afford to make even the smallest mistake, because it can cost the campaign massively. The campaign will need intelligence agents, if possible with fake membership of the opposition party to infiltrate, ” further reads the document in part.

It also recommends the use of black budget funds for back projects, which is described as a budget that is allocated for classified and other secret operations of a campaign.

Confirming the report to The Voice the angry wife said, “I took those papers you talk of and reported the matter to a friend of mine who also works within the DIS. I wanted to expose my husband and find out what the role of the DIS is in politics.”

The document further advised BDP members to use counter intelligence, arguing that every modern political campaign uses spies in some form.

“Our spies can be used to seek and identify enemy intelligence activities and feed false information to enemy spies, protecting important secrets and preventing attempts at subversion, espionage and intelligence gathering by the enemy,” it states.

The divorce case will be heard before Gaborone High court judge, Godfrey Radijeng next week.

Reached for comment the DIS boss, Peter Magosi confirmed that the agent in question is in fact a high ranking official.

He further added “from the moment I resumed office I have been working hard to end all of this.This incident is unfortunate but as an organization the DIS is not and will not be involved with Politics under my watch.”

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