Remediation project 2% behind schedule
HOPEFUL: Zwilithini

Morupule B gets A-

Morupule B Power Station General Manager Generation (GMG) Zwilithini Witbooi says the plant’s remediation project is two percent behind schedule.

Addressing members of the press during a media tour of the plant this weekend, Witbooi stressed this figure was not a concern.

With the project not set for completion until 2023, he maintained there was sufficient time to catch up.

Focusing on the positives, Witbooi revealed that construction work, which includes fabrication, dismantling of old machinery and installing new equipment, was progressing well.

“Manufacturing of new equipment is 88 percent complete for the first unit. Since April 2018 to August 2018 our availability was in the 80 percent bracket through some temporary measures we have put in place to run the unit,” he said, before admitting they had encountered a few hiccups on the way.

Remediation project 2% behind schedule
BEHIND TIME: Morupule B Power Station

“Things fell apart in September where at one point we lost all the plants running in Morupule B but we recovered,” the GMG stated.

“We have a lot of systems that are running at high pressure and temperature and a requirement of the law is that every year every unit must be taken off to undergo statutory maintenance. We currently have one unit running, unit two, while one and three are currently off because of Fluidized Bed Heat Exchangers (FBHE) tube leaks we are experiencing,” continued Witbooi.

He further disclosed that the plant had experienced an expansion issue with its boiler, which requires immediate and thorough investigations.

The GMG explained the boiler was failing to expand when heated up.

“From the onset it was just pure issues of design at the establishment of the plant. The materials we are circulating inside the boiler are at above 850 degrees, we need material which will protect it and avoid cracks and leaks!” he said.

Witbooi said when Morupule B was heating about 70 percent availability there was a huge reduction in terms of importing power and the corporation saved a lot of money.

He confidently concluded that upon completion of remediation project Morupule B would be able to meet consumers demands for power.