Tshepo Sepora

We know that when you are young you follow everything that your parents want you to follow. You do what they want you to do and even behave the way they want you to behave. You even follow their religion and belief in what ever it is that they believe in.
Some children change religions, as they grow older, some choose not to change while some want to change but are afraid to do so. The fear might be because the child doesn’t want to disappoint the parents and cause them pain or it might be the fear of becoming the odd one out following a different religion a bo a bitswa seingaudi. Issues of religion within a family are very tricky and they need a lot of attention.
Religion can cause a lot of conflict in the family, especially with the children. This starts when children start questioning the beliefs they’ve been brought up with. They may find themselves disagreeing or even stop attending the worship services with the rest of the family. It’s not a bad thing though, it’s just shows the child has an open mind and is clearly aware of other religions surrounding him/her. We know Christianity is most popular in Botswana and if a Motswana takes another path of religion, trouble brews. I don’t understand why this happens but unfortunately it happens.
I think it’s advisable to talk openly about all types of religion as a family especially when the children get older and mature. I know it doesn’t happen in most families, including mine. A lot of parents assume that their children will carry on with the belief that they were brought up with. Indeed this happens most times but there’s been a rise in the number of children finding separate paths
Parents need not force their children into a belief that they themselves follow.  This is recipe for disaster! It deteriorates the child emotionally as he/she is forced into something that is not who they really are. The church attended should also be an individual decision taken after thorough thought. Sometimes the change of churches arises because a child feels he/she clearly gets the message at that other church. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a decision to learn and understand more.
Don’t take these issues of religion lightly, they can make or break a family. Religion is one thing that can hold and bring a family closely together. But it is also important to appreciate that everyone has a right to choose which route to take. It can’t and shouldn’t be forced. If parents believe their chosen path is good for their children, let there be a discussion, and good reasons, not threats, should be advance.
And if the child decides that’s not for them, let it be. What is important here is we you are a family, regardless of whether you fellowship together or not.  Whether one follows Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Rastafarian or Judaism, it doesn’t change anything. You made your choice, let your children make theirs.

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boring issue, o ngwana wa moruti ne? o bata go tswa mo kerekeng ya lwapa jaanong o tshaba gore go ta twe o seingaudi?

Tshepho Kgabontle

Baby u r wrong and misleading people.God is not religious and why should people be.Jesus said i am the way the truth and life.No man goes to the Father except through Him.If you dnt believe in Jesus you are condemned already.Read Matthew 24 about what will happen in the last days.The Word of God says Whoever does not believe that He is will die in His sins.People when they dont know something they critice it,that is why God said my people are bbeing destroyed for lack of knowledge.You need to know the truth,you shall know the truth and it shall… Read more »


@Tshepho ‘god is not religious and why should people be’ i like that.”GOD is NOT RELIGIOUS and WHY should PEOPLE be” i like it a lot.


@tshepho kgabontle..wena oboregile -__-

Botswana President:2020

Hey this writer, is she having internet for the first time, ah hey o a bora, there are so many things you could have done with your precious time rather than typing this horrible article…. anyway it is your opinion but hey note this :Rona ha re tsaya puso mo dingwageng tse fi tlang re ya bo bitsa hathse je Christianic Republic of Botswana and all other religions will be banned. Get it clearly… mo ga re batle ba iphatlakani ka dibomo le bo loso le dirwang.


all the comments show how narrow minded batswana are.u stil follow the deception.everything is on the books its a matter of reading and u talk use other source not the bible.this is good atticle mama.keep it up.ntsa di bo gola poo.


religious intolerance mo Bots e baya, rona marasta r nt allowed to practice our teachings wich involve smoking marijuana, wich to us is mor like th holy communion wich christians hav durin church tota ako le re togelng re ikgogele setlhare sa rona le sone se tshwana hela le selalelo se se jewamg ke bakeresete. it is spiritual, brings us closer to jah (GOD) and elevates our mind.


Waitse ke mathata motho they way o lebegang ka teng. o ka tswa o sa utlwe. modimo o a kgopelwa. The way you are is shame to god.


Tshepo Kgabontle is totally right.Christ is the truth and the way to the Kindom of God. Jesus Christ was God Himself in a human body, of which many do not know and the blind and lost deny!Why? Because these people who deny Christ want to continue with their wicked, reckless, immoral lives but hey, you are facing judgment!The Ten Commandements ke tsone key, do u obey them?Ga di nosi; LOVE! Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself.Hao rata monkawena why should u steal from him, kill him, hate him,look down on him,ebile ga o kake wa mo tseela… Read more »


Tsotso, um on ur syd. Christ is da gateway 2 heaven. Being religious is not being a chriatian. Stop deceiving urselves & do wat God requires.


E le gore o bata go togela kereke? To those who said Jesus is the way, you are correct that is why i trusted him only to live a life so boring like mine. You know when u give a bastard respect u are only fuelling its arrogance, disrespect. I’ve had he’s going to come like a thief but thts when a tla nthalosetsang gore ga ke sa bolo go sokola jaana o ntse a shenametseng. Nowadays i dont pray ke tsenya malaitinyana ga gare game le the Creator, ka gore ga ba nke ba fitisa mafoko ame…ba nkutusitse bothoko… Read more »

joe junior

religion is just there to take you to HELL it doesnt matter how much you do miracles, pray, sing, preach, prophesy or what, remember you have to be born again and live holy. matthew 7:21 “not all that says to me LORD LORD will go to heaven but only those that do the will of GOD” not all churches are going to heaven afterall going to church does not mean you are going to heaven john 3:1-5, hebrews 12:14, and malachi 4:1-3 GOD IS COMING SOON, ARE YOU READY???????

joe junior

@ DAVRO……….shame on you. you have cursed yourself. dont ever say that again if you dont want to die! or else you will definately die like a dog. please stop that GOD is not a man to make fun of ok! lm warning you for the last time STOP THAT but if you want to die continue………..


This is such a wise article, especially that You should be aware that it is the responsibility of parents to guide their kids on the right way while they are still growing so they may choose right in the future. Family should remain family, I agree, but don’t You realize that there should be something that keeps family together. And that thing is spiritual, otherwise how do You connect to Your parents besides unseen forces? As for Davro, even non-Christians don’t think like that, at least they mind their own business. But as for You? Review Your personality, because it… Read more »


Sorry, I meant this article is not wise.

Tika - Poo

wena tika poo sale ka bona o ipitsa leina le letshwanang lame ka lemoga gore o go ga motokwane wa bo o tlhapetswe.


Davro be careful boy you are playing with fire seriously,…tshaba tshutshu magala boy


To have faith is to believe in something or someone, to fully trust, to be so confident that you base your actions on what you believe. Tlogela religious ya batsadi they know what they are doing. Are you leading by the word of god to say all these? Modimo wa kgopelwa. If you want to be strong and stop making excuses for our weakness and failure. if you consider God’s faithfulness to us in the past, even through difficulties (Hebrews 10:32-34). We must rededicate ourselves to God’s Word, to thankfulness, to prayer and to the voice of the Spirit. We… Read more »


Guys what i can tell u is a belief without deeds is empty!Leha o ka itse bible from Genesis to Revelations o sa dire tshiamo gawa phuthela sepe. Se Modimo a se batlang ke tshiamo.kana motho o tshwanetse go ikgolaganya le Modimo a santse a tshela.What God wants is His spirit pure just like He gave it & u have to purify it by cleaning up your acts. Sinners shall never go to heaven, period! and there’s no i’m sorry on the beyond. se aketswe ke batho ba ba bareng motho wa nama le madi ga a kake a siama.… Read more »

Bakhina Pastor

Tshepho u misleadin God’s people, i lykd it Tshepho Kgabontle when u syd God is not religious so why shud we his people be religious for he died for us, showin us that he is the way so lets take our crosses and follow him, for he is coming quikly with crowns for each and everyone of us. mongwe le mongwe o tsile go roba se a se jwadileng

pilot boy

a very delicate topic, and i respct u for tryna put ur thoghts out ther. things is the point behind your topic has depth, hypothtically speakin why m i raised in2 a christian belief, y cnt i b advised bout other beliefs than th one my parents have choosen or ‘forced’ to follow. mara keng i belief no matter the religion we end up believing in 1 GOD.for those people ‘judgin’ u shud reread the bible coz im not a pure christian bt u taking this personally wen its suppz 2 be an open topic simply askin for parents 2… Read more »


Ke utlwa baitimokanyi jaanong tyin 2 set christianity as smthin more thn religion,christianity is religion of the white. Ga se gore ga o saye kereng ga o modumedi. Getting into a garage woun’t turn you into a car!. To take a shift in a moment of intellectual enthusiasm when the christian savour took the punishment of our sins, this left us with a greater sense of guilty indebtness.Hw can a religion preach sacrifice of all freedom, pride and humble etc hence draining us of selfconfidenc of the spirit.All roads lead to one GOD bo Jeso ke makalana under, gape ke… Read more »


Ao shames,Bontshonayana ba leka go itumedisa makgoa ka go supa devotion mo religion e ba sa itseng le fa gore e tswa kae.tswelelang le romele moneelo ko Rome, Italy. make your masters happy. Oh and rich.le tswelele le lwele di charactara tsa story sa bibele,bo jeso.hahaha.batho tsogang




To all those who call themselves Christians,Why do u do so?Where did u learn of it?.If the missionaries Instead brought Islam,Hinduism,Sikhism or even anything u ddnt know, would u be Christians…….?

White man will always occupy the diver’s seat Thanks to People like U.

Chris M

I believe true religion is not bad, in fact it is brilliant, but human beings make good religion really awful and unattractive! From the pretentious ‘Christians’ to murderous ‘Muslim’ fundamentalists! They make some of us not trust or even like religion at all! I was invited by a friend of mine to a pentecostal church meeting when I was at UB! A while after being there, in the middle of the sermon, my born-again friend started speaking in this funny, unintelligible lingo and i thought to myself, what a sad liar! I mean, do you have to be that pathetic… Read more »


Jesus is coming!Ebile ha tla, He won’t ask gore wena one o tsena kereke efe or wena o wa religion efe. O tsile go atlhola ka ditiro/deeds. Baitshepi ba tla roba se ba se jwadileng, baleofi ba tla roba se ba se jwadileng. Tsela di pedi hela, good and bad or God and Satan. Hao sa dire gorata ga Modimo o dira gorata ga ga satane. Ten commandments ke tsone key to heaven.confess, repent and obey them.I’ve never heard a true christian a bua ka this lingo a.k.a diteme. kana le ene motho wa teng hao ka mmotsa gore a… Read more »


@Chris M
Dude, you clearly have a personal vendetta against everything religious, don’t you.

That lingo you talk about is referred to as ‘tongues’. That’s what happens when the Holy Spirit comes down on you. I don’t blame you for criticizing extravagant preachers and all the like as some of them have turned the gospel into an enterprise, but not all are like that. By their deeds you will know them.

Chris M

Thanks Charlemagne! But I’m not against religion as you can see from my comment! I’m against people who spoil it! It’s about time we told them to stop making everybdoy think religion is invaded by the Devil’s advocates in the sheep’s skin! I’m tired of pretenders!

Otladisang Modisapoo

bumbaclot. wat me say yuh modern bubu christians stop being so judgemental towards i&i cos jah never foresake I. See dis dada nah priest fi new apostolic but him undastands beenie blood nah rastaman me follow Macus Garvey worship di Almight inna de person of haile Selassie, and i noh bad bwai. i dont black up collie noh dutty chaka chaka before him stil read di bible and visit di church no fuss we get along. its al bout respecting one another’s choices, luckily fi i him noh old school. Bredren and sistren dont criticise your parents religion respect their… Read more »