Relationships and mistrust
Relationships and mistrust

Last Friday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole travelled from the stadium to the bus rank in Molepolole and overheard a conversation between the drivers and some passengers on relationships and mistrust.

DRIVER: Guilt consumes me every time I cheat on my girlfriend because I always think she does the same.

LADY IN JEANS: I have learnt that the more you imagine negative things the more those thoughts seem like a reality.

DRIVER: But there’s never smoke without fire. Let’s be honest here, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when your partner asks you try a new sex position.

Obviously you start wondering where its all coming from. Often times you’d be too scared to ask.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: Again, if you don’t have the guts to confront her about the act, chances are that it will start to burn you inside.

LADY IN JEANS: It doesn’t always mean that if your lady is cheating on you when she asks you to try a new position.

Sometimes she might have heard her friends talk about what they do when they’re with their partners, and then decides to try it when she gets home.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: My sister, if you don’t want to cry foul, don’t ever trust and discuss your sex life with a friend.

Sometimes you’d be boosting about how good your partner is in bed and the next thing you will be shocked to learn that the friend hoped into bed with your men.

The conversation ends as the lady in jeans disembarks from the taxi along the road near Puma Energy Filling Station.

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