Refugees boycott Kgathi's address
NO ADDRESS: Kgathi and Namibian delegation

Caprivi refugees based in Dukwi today (28 June) boycotted a meeting scheduled by Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Shaw Kgathi.

The meeting, arranged for 10 o’clock this morning was graced by a delegation from Namibia, which included three Ministers who were also scheduled to address the aggrieved Caprivians.

However, the delegation arrived to an empty hall, save for three refugees who, looking slightly bemused, sat quietly in the spacious room.

Tension between government and the Namibian refugees has escalated in recent months following the ministry’s decision to enforce a cessation clause with respect to the status of Caprivians living in Dukwi, which was invoked in 2015.

The Botswana government has given refugees up to 11th July 2018 to voluntarily repatriate or risk being deported forcibly.

The Namibian delegation was supposed to show support to the decision taken by Kgathi’s ministry and urge the refugees to head back home.

However, it wasn’t to be as, after turning up two hours late, they were only welcomed by silent grey walls.

Having waited patiently for the conference to commence, The Voice reporters were chased out of the hall before the meeting started.

Officials from the Ministry explained that the address by the Namibian delegation was private and only open to government media.

News reaching this publication is that refugees wrote a letter to the ministry warning them of their intent to boycott the encounter.

Emotions amongst the Caprivians are said to be running high following the arrest of 12 of their members in Gaborone last week.

A group, led by Felix Kakula, was detained at the SADC Headquarters where they had gone to hand a petition to the regional body.

Meanwhile Minister Kgathi will address the media at Francistown’s Marang Hotel later this evening.

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Why were not the UNCHR and/or a respresentative from SADC people invited as an observer even they must be a reason why they are scaling down because the way these people are treated ? Is there a reson why SADC has opted to stay away and assist ?? 13000 migrant have been stranded by Algeria in the Desert without food or Water what a shocking cruel way these human beings are being illtreated Migrants still crossing the Mediteranean trying to make their way to a better life. Treat people as you want to be treated because one never knows when… Read more »


So the media are chased out before the meeting commenced and only open to Government Media ? Not good for a country that is supposed to be a shining example of democracy onthe continent Has the media tried to get a comment from SADC who seem to shun people like the refugees when infact they should be there to find a way forward what sort of people are working at SADC? Can the media get a comment from SADC ? Still think that a Celebrity Ambassador must visit the camp it is their duty to highlight the plight of refugees


“H.E. Dr. Tax, mentioned that the SADC region was a home to large numbers of refugees and recognises the need to balance between the potential security, and socio-economic risks, associated with hosting refugees, with the benefit of regional integration that encourages the movement of people for economic development. She further said that the region remains amenable to cooperation with other International bodies to leverage solutions and resources, as well as address emerging refugee challenges, and accommodate the ideals of the Comprehensive Refugee Response framework, and the provisions of the Global Compact on Refugees. The SADC region is currently in the… Read more »


Some refugees have been refugees for many many years and it seems the people at SADC have INGORED them for a very long while and all of a sudden they are waking up to reality because someone had to go to their offices to be heard only to be detained. It is the refugees right to be heard andnot be illtreated


“The SADC region is currently in the process of finalising the Draft SADC Common Regional Policy Framework on Management of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in line with the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), which forms part of the UN New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants.”
This is long OVERDUE why was it not finalised while ordinary refugees suffer from illtreatment and abuse from locals who do they expect to take care of them while the High profile people are entertained from lavish dinners to long motorcades etc at the expense of the suffering refugees


“African Migration – Who is Thinking of Going Where, And Why
Despite the dangers, many Africans risk their lives in search of greener pastures. Interviews with thousands of Africans confirm this basic news-media narrative, as well as the perception that this gamble is appealing to young and well-educated Africans looking for jobs and fleeing poverty. But interviews also point to important differences by country, including potential migrants’ preferred destinations, that can inform targeted policy responses. Afrobarometer’s current round of nationally representative surveys explores migration intentions and drivers in 35 African countries.”