YUMMY: Red velvet cake
YUMMY: Red velvet cake


The Curry Puff–an amazing snack sized butter pastry stuffed with a variety of curried fillings commonly found in Singapore is slowly becoming a hit in the local market.

Introduced by Sheila Damodaran, a Singaporian who has lived in Gaborone for the past seven years the ‘taste of Singapore’ has been receiving an incredible positive reception on local palate lately.

Damodaran 49, missed the curry puffs so much that she started making them regularly for her family.


When listening to her describe how much the food item is loved in Singapore you can’t help but conclude that it is to Singapore what fat cakes are to Botswana, except much healthier.

And then Damodaran noticed something interesting.

Every time she offered these little buttery and crumbly nuggets with savoury and incredibly moist chicken breast and potato curry filling, her local friends and neighbours loved them.

That’s when a business idea occurred to her that she could possibly adapt the traditional recipe a little bit to suit the local market and sell this deep fried chicken curry eats to locals.

SERVING TIME: Wazwagwa Keatholetswe
SERVING TIME: Wazwagwa Keatholetswe

She made some and placed them in a nearby tuck shop.

When they started flying off the shelves like hot cakes, it gave Damodaran a hope for bigger and better things.

In December 2012 she launched a website about the curry puff and in January she approached the Grand Palm hotel and they sampled it and fell for its taste immediately.

The curry puff has been on the five-star hotel Sunday lunch menu as an appetiser for the past three months or so.

“We then approached Spar and they liked them too although they asked us to vary the traditional recipe a bit by adding more meat in the filling to appeal to the local palette” says Damodaran who hopes to eventually run a cozy shop offering a unique and distinct dining ambience where friends and family can meet over some sweet and savoury treats.

And while on the sweet and savoury tip, Damodaran and her team of three chefs have recently decided to offer cakes after one of her clients.

The Landing Strip Restaurant at the SSKI airport were so impressed by the consistency of the curry puff taste that they requested her to provide them with cakes.

MIX IT : Khembo Lubino working the dough
MIX IT : Khembo Lubino working the dough

Although she is not a chef by training, Damodaran immediately lurched on the idea of adding cakes to her line because she saw an opportunity to provide butter cakes which she found missing on the local scene.

“Cakes are like a girl, when she is beautiful she doesn’t need so much make up.

I missed the butter cake, which is soft and moist with less icing so I was thrilled to introduce them to the market to offer an alternative to the heavily iced sponge cake.”

One of her favourite cakes is the Red Velvet and did we mention that the woman and her team bake the melt-in-your mouth soft, moist red velvet cake complete with cream cheese frosting on top?

It was nothing like we have ever tasted before.

Absolutely delicious and baked with passion like all the food coming out of The farmhouse Kitchens which is what Damodaran has dubbed her woking space.
Check out her website for more @http://www.myfarmhousecurrypuff.com

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