NEW ENTRANT: Major Thatayaone Molefhi


After defection of Member of Parliament for Gaborone North Haskins Nkaigwa from Alliance for Progressives to join Botswana National Front of the Umbrella for Democratic Change, the party was left without a parliamentary candidate.

Many names were tossed around but finally, Major Thatayaone Molefhi, a 51- year old man from Kanye/Molapowabojang was chosen as the candidate.

This week The Voice Assignment Editor, DANIEL CHIDA had a one-on -one interview with the new entrant.

Apart from politics, where else do you work?

I am employed as a Business Development Manager for Debswana Group.

I joined Debswana in 2007 after resigning from Botswana Defence Force.

I effectively defined Debswana’s Citizen Economic Empowerment (CEEP) and Social Performance offerings, translated them into policy and aligned all relevant policies including the Procurement Policy.

I also effectively mobilised the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Financial Institutions to commit to the CEEP under Sustainable Development Agenda.

What about at BDF, what did you do there?

I was heading the technical projects section of procurement department under Logistics Command.

There, I successfully coordinated the management of international projects for the Botswana Defence Force performed by various sellers around the world and also managed Armament maintenance department with several technical workshops and warehouses providing logistics support to the fighting units.

I kept men and equipment in a desired state of readiness.

With such experience, why did you join politics?

I strongly believe Botswana is a great country with a great potential and should be allowed to realise its greatness.

Batswana are a great nation that should be allowed to realise their aspirations.

I am compelled by the current state of affairs in our country; a dysfunctional economy that has left citizens as spectators in their own country, failure for Botswana to feed herself over the past 53 years, Institutionalised corruption, poverty and looting of land from Batswana.

Ok, why did you choose AP?

I am inspired by the “New Botswana” vision that gives Batswana hope to regain their lost glory, a sense of purpose and direction to a better future for all.

I sacrifice my talent, time, energy and resources to the service of my country to make New Botswana a reality.

I am passionate to be an actor in the journey of transformation to make a better Botswana for future generations.

Why did you choose Gaborone North?

I had a pool of constituencies to choose from but at the end I chose Gaborone North after it fell vacant.

You are coming against a Party President, Sidney Pilane of Botswana Movement for Democracy, a Secretary General of a ruling party, Mpho Balopi and a seasoned and veteran politician, Haskings Nkaigwa of the united Opposition (UDC). How do you fancy your chances?

We are all Batswana and there is no pressure at all on our side.

In fact the pressure is on them. Regarding my chances, I am a winner, I am certain of a victory.

Do not be surprised to see AP coming back with 30 MPs because we tell Batswana about the new Botswana they all want.

We are very different from all the parties and we are the only hope for Batswana.

Your constituency has been marred with issues of voter trafficking and you came after closure for registration, will that not have an impact on you?

I am the clean boy amongst all the candidates and some of the trafficked people are my relatives.

I am against voter trafficking because it undermines democracy, it is evil.

Those trafficked are irresponsible and must vote against those who trafficked them.

We have to clean up our democracy and it is only we, Batswana who can help in doing that.

Although you sound confident of a win, what are you saying about, Balopi’s launch which was filled to capacity?

It didn’t surprise me because national resources were used to ferry people all over the country.

Majority of those people who attended the launch are not eligible voters for Gaborone North but just people who were brought to spice the day.

We know our voters and because of that we are not shaken by such events.

What do you see as main challenges in your area?

We have high rate of unemployment, crime is high and we need a fully equipped police station in Phakalane.

Roads in Block 8 are very bad and Sebele Clinic has to operate 24hrs.

Some parts of my constituency do not have water and it is something that needs urgent attention.

All communal spaces meant for recreation were taken through corruption and must be recovered back for community use.

Apart from my constituency, we have to keep an eye on tourism issues.

Try to explain further?

We want 50 % stake of tourism to be reserved for Batswana, it is one way they can benefit from their natural resources.

Soldiers on anti-poaching unit must be encouraged to have a stake in tourism or there should be a platform to give them some kind of ownership.

That way they would work with pride knowing that they are looking after their own animals.

I hear you!

Absent ownership cannot sustain our elephants, they must be owned locally by Batswana for Batswana

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