Tshepo Sepora

This column is obviously youth orientated and I of course write about things that I personally go through and of course other issues that affect the youth in general. There are two guys who have been asking me out for months and one of them for like the past 2 years and I’ve constantly explained to them that I’m not interested but still they don’t give up.
Ok, maybe I don’t tell them straight up to leave me alone but I try and let them down in a polite way which my friends say is the reason for the continuous persistence of these guys. I mean I know that I’ll be hurt if I really liked someone and they just brushed me off just like that.

You see sometimes it gets to the point where I even have to lie and say that I have a boyfriend in the hope that these guys will stop trying but NO! It gets worse! One of them even asked how I felt when I’m with him. Which feeling is better, when I’m with my “boyfriend” or when I’m with him? Ridiculous I tell ya, ridiculous.
And again, don’t you think its evil, kana what this guy is saying is that I should leave my boyfriend (who doesn’t exist by the way) for him. Ok, I understand that the guy is really into me but ah! sometimes one needs to understand and just leave their interest alone! You know it gets annoying after a while, really annoying.

You might be asking yourself why I’m writing about this right? Well, after telling a friend my problem and the fact that I’m trying not to be rude and ruthless about telling these two guys that I’m not interested and certainly not looking, she suggested I write about it and of course hope that these guys read this particular article and get the idea.
Now she has also been through this more than once and I know of some girls who have complained about this as well, and I’m sure there are a lot of others who have been through this. Not only females my people, I know there are guys who have been through this misfortunate instance, really HOT guys, I mean I don’t blame girls for bothering them. But still, this is not an excuse go tena motho wa batho.

Girls are generally sweet people and want peace. Well, I’m one of those so I gave these guys my number because they wouldn’t leave me alone, one of them even stood by our gate for an hour before I dished out my number to avoid my mother finding him standing there! So they promised me that they would never give me stress and respect my space but NO!
It turned out to be the complete opposite. Though they say they are willing to be just friends with me, they’re actions imply otherwise. I mean what kind of friend sends you endless text the whole day and calls late at night? Ke raya fela batho. Aowa!

Ke gore it doesn’t click even if you don’t reply to the messages, sometimes I reply when I go to bed to an SMS I received in the morning so as to avoid messaging the whole day. I mean don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind a message or a call once in a while but not what I’m getting now, it’s too much. I guess I need to change and be quite frank with people from now on because the sweetness and politeness just sends the wrong message.

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