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Ray of hope

Ray of hope
NEW BROOM: Prof. Mthuli Ncube

There was excitement on social media last Friday following the announcement of cabinet ministers.

With so much negativity and dashed hopes of a brighter future, Twimbos (term for Zimbabweans on Twitter) could not hide their joy when President Emmerson Mnangagwa named his ministers.

While we know that there is still a long way to better days, the choice of cabinet ministers gave many hope that the president could be on the right track – after all, they say a leader is as good as his team!

The president finally let go off the uninspiring deadwood that had been sitting comfortably (but achieving little) in cabinet for many years.

In fact many people blame these deadwoods for much of the troubles that have befallen Zimbabwe over the years.

The most notable casualty is former minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa who is credited, or a rather discredited with exacerbating the cash crisis by introducing the bond notes.

Though they were initially meant to ease cash shortages and were supposed to be on par with the American dollar, the surrogate currency worsened the situation and has since lost its value against the greenback.

The new Finance minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, whose coming into cabinet pleased many, has already hinted that Zimbabwe should do away with the surrogate currency.

What keyed up many Zimbos about Ncube is that he is a renowned international economist and financial expert hence the expectation that if given the chance to implement his ideas, he might just be the springboard Zimbabwe was so desperately waiting for.

Of course, issues or problems have more to do with the system than individuals but the hope is that with the right people in place, systems might be changed for the good of the country.

Another cabinet minister who was named, much to the excitement of Twimbos, is the Youth and Sport Minister, Kirsty Coventry.

Ray of hope
INSPIRING HOPE: Kirsty Coventrry

Coventry, 34, is a former swimmer and winner of Zimbabwe’s only Olympic Gold medal.

What made many optimistic about the future is that for the first time in many years, this is a cabinet of technocrats and not people who were appointed because they had ‘risked their lives fighting for the country’ or simply because they were allies of the president.

Mnangangwa still retained some of the old ministers and his allies but many feel he must be given credit where it’s due.

Additionally, Mnangagwa reduced the number of cabinet ministers from the traditional 35 to 20, which is a step in the right direction towards cutting expenditure.

Of course in recent days prices of commodities have been going up, dampening the spirits of many – but, as already indicated, there is optimism that if (and it’s a big ‘IF’) Mnangagwa and his team get cracking as promised, the suffering we have long endured as ordinary people could possibly be consigned to the past.

Indeed, it is a ray of hope brighter than anything we have had for a long, long time!

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Cannot see any ray of hope when most of the big fraudsters are walking about freely including travelling abroad Kristy will face a tough time the cricket board like many institutions is facing a financial crisis does not mean just he is renonwned and he will walk the talk in a nutshell the same bus has a different driver This article is like a pr stunt the former finance Minister must have known alot the skeletons in his cupboard needs to be opened?


“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hinted on his possible seeking of a second term but vowed he will not cling on to power beyond the two terms of office prescribed by the country’s Constitution. He was speaking in an interview with CNN’s television host Christiane Amanpour Friday. The President is in the United States of America for the United Nations General Assembly. “With the new Constitution which came into effect on the 22nd of May 2013, we have now limited the terms of presidency to two terms, if you are able to have two terms, then the maximum a person came… Read more »


and inthe meantimein Liberia this is happening ?

“Confusion Reigns in Liberia Around ‘Missing’ Billions
There is growing controversy over claims that banknotes worth billions of Liberian dollars have gone missing after being brought into the country. The New Democrat reports that the “cumulative position” of Liberian authorities now is that they have not reached that conclusion, and in another report says President Weah has asked the American FBI to investigate. Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has reportedly protested at being dragged into the controversy.”


” Mnangagwa Gives In To Beijing As Chinese Return To Chiadzwa, What Is Going On? September 24, 2018 Share By Own Correspondent| Chinese diamond company, Anjin Investments’ diamond mining licence was reportedly restored after intense pressure from the Chinese government. Following allegations of looting, all diamond mining companies were thrown out from the Chiadzwa diamond fields in 2016 and forced to merge into the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC). Centre for Natural Resources Governance (CNG) director Farai Maguwu said: “Yes, I am aware and they were seen loitering in Marange barely two weeks after (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa took over the… Read more »


“overnment companies are some of the organisations revealed today on the looters’ list released by the government. The list was released following the expiry of a 3-month amnesty for companies and individuals to return looted funds. At least 9 companies that the Zimbabwean government owns directly or has shares in, account for US $872,000 in externalised funds The companies include: NetOne: $100,000 Africom: $123,033 Zimpapers (The Chronicle And Sunday News) – $22,780 National Indigenisation And Economic Empowerment Board: $45,000 Printflow (Pvt) Limited: $300,000 ANJIN Investments (in which Zimbabwe Defence Forces is an investor): $200,000 Transmedia: $24,307 Radiation Authority Of Zimbabwe:… Read more »


“By Own Correspondent| Two diasporians took to the streets of New York protesting against failure by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa led administration to allow Zimbabweans in the diaspora to vote.

The placard holding duo, were wearing their t-shirts inscribed “Takajamuka Kare” meaning we are already rebellious.

President Mnangagwa is currently in New York where he is attending the UN General Assembly.

On Sunday, President Mnangagwa met the Zimbabwean community in the U.S where he implored them to come back home and help rebuild the country towards realising Vision 2030”


There is a saying “Rome was not built in a day” that former president the old man messed and plundered the country for 37 (THIRTY SEVEN YEARS) years without anyone saying anythiing to him and some of those at the top were working with him????? In Angola the son of the former President Dos Santos is arrested for smuggling money into a Swiss account corruption is rife at the VERY TOP and no one organisation is prepared to deal with it – how can an organisation speak about POVERTY ERADICATION without getting down to the real rootof the problem???


This is a recent article on chinese fraudsters who use ficticious invoices to avoid paying duties

“European Commission chases UK after Chinese fraudsters evade paying £2.4billion in customs
JEAN-Claude Juncker’s European Commission is pressing ahead with efforts to sanction the UK – because Chinese importers used fictitious invoices to avoid paying a massive £2.4billion in customs duties.”