GETTING DOWN: Revellers at the picnic

Following a successful first stint early this year, the bi-annual Rasesa Social Picnic took place over the weekend marking yet another exciting edition at Masa Gardens.

The event attracted a bumper crowd that was mostly concentrated by youthful people who were energetic and danced their shoes off to the tunes of the likes of Dee Jay (DJ) Cody, Hapex Guru and Crispin the Drama to mention a few.

Speaking to the Voice Online after his electrifying performance, DJ Cody, 29, said he enjoyed how he connected with revellers on the day, “I loved the way the crowd was dancing to the songs that I played as it showed that there is growth in my artistry.

Furthermore, music has always been in my heart, even though I started as a dancer, the tables have turned I am now playing what I love for the music lovers,” he said confidently.

DJ Cody who was quick to admit that he was a bit edgy when he started his performance said he got to settle into the performance as the time went by. “I started slow, and got to improve when the time went by. I am happy that I am one of the few DJ’s in the country that are versatile because my performance today was about catering for the crowds who share different music interest thus enjoying the event,” he admitted.

Voice Online also spoke with another upcoming DJ Deelow, 25, who was exultant to have performed in one of the biggest music show in the country (Rasesa Picnic), “Rasesa Picnic is a massive event and performing here is a milestone for any artist. During my performance the crowd was elated and I love seeing people happy with what with I do. It really shows that one is soon going to be named the hot prospects that we have in the country like Crispin The Drummer to name a few.”

As the night reached its toll, revellers could not stop dancing as DJ’s like JRM and the experienced Crispin The Drummer closed off the show on a high note.

In light of the violence captured in a video clip at the Rasesa Social Picnic that has gone viral on social media, the event organiser DJ Bakito said despite the video looking bad, they got it under control before it got worse.

“Actually, there were three fights including the one trending on social media but we managed to contain the situation before it got out of hand and held the culprits until the police arrived. Apparently, one of the boys that were fighting was a thief and was the cause of the commotion,” DJ Bakito explained.

BLOODY SCENES: video source (Social Media)