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Rail Park Mall Adopts Monwane Primary School

Rail Park Mall Adopts Monwane Primary School
Monwane p school

Rail Park Mall recently celebrated their Adopt-A-School initiative with an official donation handover to Monwane Primary School in the Kweneng District.

Minster of Education& Skills Development, Unity Dow, endorsed the project and commended the mall’s efforts in empowering the Monwane community.

Rail Park Mall identified Monwane Primary School as a school facing difficulties in a variety of social and academic aspects and decided to engage and assist them in achieving their primary goal of providing quality education and resources to students.

The difficulties faced by the school included lack of a library, shortage of PSLE books and shortage of sports resources.

The total value of the project amounted to P74,134.37 and involved refurbishing an old classroom and turning into a library, a net shade in the school garden, a stand pipe in the garden, provision of PSLE books, sports kits, a fax, printer and copier.

Speaking at the hand over ceremony, JTTM Director, Mao Segage, explained the goal and the opportunities that the mall saw in engaging with the school.

“We assessed the specific resources that the school lacked and we knew it was vital to provide support in whatever way possible to better the educational experience of the students. We believe that the social as well as the academic experience is significant to a child’s growth and we were fortunate that Monwane school followed the same principle.”

Segage said they were especially proud of the impact that the donations have made, not only at the school but in the larger Monwane village.

“Students’ PSLE result have improved dramatically and the community has been empowered by raising funds from the sale of the vegetables from the garden. These results are what make us proud as a corporate citizen and it encourages us to continue supporting this school and others alike as we see them truly embrace this opportunity,” explained Segage.

Railpark Management told Minister Unity Dow that their partnership with the school had resulted in an improvement of PSLE results from 55% in 2013 to 63% last year.

They also explained that apart from building a parking bay at the school the students were able to raise money to build a poultry house for Monwane village by selling the vegetables from the garden.


















“We often hear government asking the private sector to assist with giving back to our communities and it is reasons like this that we will continue to encourage it. The long term economic effects that Rail Park has allowed this community to realise are commendable and I stand here as a proud representative of the Ministry of Education & Skills Development to learn of the improved academic results,” noted the Minister as she commended the center for its efforts.

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