Queen of talk radio
INFORMED: Yandile Nuku

With poise and flair she delivers one the best radio shows in the country.

As both producer and presenter of Live the talk; 23 –year-old Yandile Nuku is redefining talk radio. On other related news about communication strategies you can visit sample internal communications strategy.

Born and raised in Gaborone, Nuku defies the often-assumed typical young woman’s persona as depicted in videos and social media. See co-op satellite tour for more information.

There is absolutely nothing flashy about this 23-year- old but rather one is right off the bat met with an astute and an intelligent disposition beyond her years.

It is this characteristic that has earned her accolades from the likes of her predecessor; Phenyo Motlhagodi and International Corporate Facilitator; Richard Winfield.

Nuku has a BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance degree from the University of Derby through Botswana Accountancy College with a thesis on Strategic Performance Management in organizations.

“I’m currently interested in increasing the Quality and relevance of the curriculum delivery in our education system. As a development Speaker and social entrepreneur with a key interest and focus on the personal development of students across all levels of Botswana’s education system, my intention is to contribute towards increasing the quality of student performance in the country.”

This stance permeates the show she hosts on Yarona FM; Live the Talk. Describing herself as a creative analyst and producer; Nuku has won many followers with her calm demeanor and through the riveting content she delivers on the weekly show; Live the Talk.

The show is meant to raise awareness on issues of youth who are actively operating organisations that bring solutions to societal challenges.

Then the Wednesday edition focuses on Industry/Business review. The aim of this segment is to develop an understanding of sectors and industries in Botswana and the rest of Africa.

This subsequently provides insight on the challenges and opportunities within those industries with the aim of equipping listeners especially youth with useful information.

On Wednesdays Nuku hosts are entrepreneurs and executive level Professionals whilst Thursdays are dedicated to human capital review.

“We host experts from various fields to share knowledge and expertise. For example, a financial analyst would come in to discuss financial literacy and navigating your way through the corporate world in the field of finance”.

Nuku is passionate about issues concerning the youth, and with glee in her voice she admits that, though there are many opportunities to be explored, it is a sad reality that many young people are plagued with numerous challenges.

“A lack of a clear sense of identity and purpose amongst youth is a challenge. Without this figured out, it becomes very difficult to become a person who is proactive, intelligently curious, identifies opportunities and seizes them. It has to start with identity and purpose. Secondly, we don’t prioritise our attention and time toward actually figuring out who we are, what we stand for and how we want to contribute to society. Thirdly, we are not connected to our history and we have evolved from certain cultural values. The result of this is more self-centric youth who have a lot of pressures and burdens such as unemployment and social status pressures to deal with.

When quizzed on what solutions she would offer; Nuku is not shy to remark; “We should encourage spiritual discipline as we do mental discipline through the education system. Everything starts from the spirit.”

Although unconventional Nuku says her greatest influence has been Jesus Christ and explains.

“The more I pray, read the Bible and go to church, the more I develop a clear sense of vision and direction. I also get energy and motivation to execute all I need to. This important discovery and investment keeps me grounded in the midst of disappointments and successes. This process exposes my weaknesses and most importantly what I can do about them. There is really merit in living this kind of life.”

She credits her mother with being a huge influence in her life.

“She is a phenomenal woman I wish to emulate in all I do. I think this is where I get my serious nature from.”

Perhaps this character trait is what has secured Nuku some amazing interview subjects, from local business giants to Africa’s respected voices. Of all the interviews she has conducted, Nuku coyly mentions Bashi Gaetsaloe, the Botswana Development Corporation as someone who stood out for her.

“His confidence, energy, grounded aura and ability to communicate effectively was impressive.”

Concerning those she would love to host the young woman says Jack Ma, the Chinese business magnate and founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group immediately springs to her mind.

“I want to learn the habits, thoughts and actions he had when he started Alibaba”

It would seem that Nuku is all work and very little play, but no, she too has indulgences she makes time for.

“A typical weekend has me doing a lot of reading (no surprise there) as I have to adequately prepare for the show; I also help out with family needs; the joys of being the first born and if planned for, I enjoy attending networking platforms or catching up with a friend over a meal,” she quips