CONVICTED: Busang was sentenced 12 years in prison



A young woman who suffered a harrowing 10-hour rape ordeal two years ago finally has cause to smile again after her attacker was jailed for 12 years last Wednesday.

Village Magistrates Court found sadistic Goitseone Busang, 29, guilty of viciously raping a 22-year-old female on the 2nd of June 2014.

Court heard how the victim had only moved to Gaborone the day before she was raped, relocating to the capital to start a new life as a maid.

Excited to explore her new surroundings, the victim was on her way to Choppies supermarket in Block 5 when the predatory Busang pounced, stalking his unsuspecting prey from behind.

Grabbing her by the neck, Busang ordered the terrified woman not to scream before dragging her into a ditch in a nearby bush.

For almost 10 hours, from 10:30 to 20:00, Busang then proceeded to rape his helpless victim, threatening to strangle her if she attempted to call for help.

It was revealed that the depraved monster did not even stop to allow his victim to urinate and she was forced to relieve herself while his penis was still inside her.

Finally, at around 20:00, she managed to convince Busang to escort her to Choppies to buy water.

On the way to the store, she bumped into someone she recognised and immediately begged him for help.

He reported the matter to the police and Busang was eventually apprehended.

Having been sentenced to 12 years for his crime, Busang appeared in court again on Friday, this time facing a charge of attempted rape for a different incident.

Details of the charge sheet are that in November 2014 in Block 6, the accused unlawfully had carnal knowledge with a minor without her consent.

Medical results proved beyond doubt that there was no penetration, but Busang was convicted of indecent assault for fondling the victim’s private parts.

Sentencing for this case will be passed on November 30th.

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