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As the public servants strike gets underway the civil servants would seem to have the sympathy of the general public.

In an opinion poll The Voice carried out in Francistown and Gaborone on Monday, over 200 non civil servants were quizzed over their opinion of the strike. The results were similar in both cities and showed an overwhelming support for the strikers.

These are some of the opinions from those polled.

Batswana's Opinions

King of Kings Mogomela (Francistown)
I am against the strike. All countries have been affected by the recession and there is simply no money. I told civil servants not to strike before consulting me as their king. When the government has recovered from recession, their salaries will be increased. I wonder what is really happening to our country? This never happened when the late Balidzi Gaolathe was a Minister of Finance, may his soul rest in peace.

Francinah Otsogile (Francistown)
I know workers are fighting for their right but it affects the whole country. I am worried about my daughter who is doing form four and missed the whole of the first term. Now teachers are on strike when they are so far behind with the syllabus. If our kids fail it could have repercussions on their whole future, but despite this the teachers feel that their immediate future is more important. I do not think we will achieve the pillar of an Educated and Informed Nation by 2016 if students do not get proper education.

James Tshoganetso (Francistown)
Government workers are our customers in Cash Loans, so if their salaries are to be increased we are going to be affected. We depend on them since they get loans from us to supplement their salaries. I do not support the strike.

Janet Lefadola (Francistown)
I support the strike, workers have been patient for a long time and maybe now the Government will realize how serious they are. Life is expensive. With the high price of food, tuition fees, rent and taxi fares, all your money is gone before you can think of any extras.
The employer must do something before our country’s economy is affected.

Brown Maase (Gaborone)
I support the strike. These people are fighting for their rights. The government should do something about it and should increase the salaries as it has been three years without any increment yet the cost of living keeps rising.

Tendai Makoni (Gaborone)
The government should take care of its people and reward them accordingly because failure to do so will lead to corruption.

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madi a teng ba ja ba le nosi, re dueleng bathong


madi a teng a ba okeletse batho..


madi a baa tsayang mo go rona ko dibareng gotswang fa baa neela batho badishaiki mo ba kaneng ba neela batho ba ba re nosang.

Boy Mfana

Nayang batbereki madi. A go Fira Temporary go ba rplacer one ntlha a teng. Nayang batho madi abone aaaaaaaaa. le a Bribery ntlha a teng

easy tingz

think of al da primary, junior, senior and tertiary schools in bots. they ol get free education and food(stationery, desks, ko dilaboratoring) ao bathong!!kana the gov spend about P20 million per school in a term..batho u’l receiv monies ka 2020…

easy tingz

kante gone first tym le signa contraka le gov, gone go statilwe gore you have 2 strike? fa le sa batle le tlogele