Local marathon runner Rapula Diphoko, 30, has emerged victorious at the 2019 Orange Phikwe Marathon race ahead of seasoned Kenyan marathon runner Isaac Kiprop Kigen, 33, who finished second this past Saturday.

Diphoko’s track record has been impressive as he recently won Botswana Life race just to mention a few amongst the competitions he participated in so far. 

In a post race interview with members of the press, Diphoko said his preparation for this race was a massive one, “I prepared well for this race as I have had the ambition win it and with great amount of hard work I did it. However, taking nothing away from my  competitors(Kenyans), they were fantastic and gave me a run for my money and what I liked the most was that they had a huge respect for me and I believed that this time I was going to win,” he said

Diphoko further revealed his plans for the remainder of the year; “I want to go and rest as I am gearing up for the Soweto Marathon which is coming in November, I did not do well the last time I participated in this particular race hence I want to do well and hopefully qualify for the Olympics which has always been my biggest dream,” Diphoko revealed.

On the other hand, the second placed Kigen applauded Diphoko noting that he utilised the home ground advantage. “Rapula is a very strong athlete and I knew that he was going to give me competition thus becoming victorious in the end. Furthermore, the terrain was okay even though it was a bit hard, we cannot compare it with Europe,” he said.

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