Prophet loses the plot
IN ACTION: Prophet Mogagole Hambira

Hambira to appear in court for failing to pay in cash and miracles

A charismatic Molepolole prophet, Mphoyaone Koophutheletswe popularly known as Prophet Hambira of Love & Faith Fellowship Church of All Nations (LFFCOAN) will soon appear in Molepolole Magistrate Court over a land dispute case.

Prophet “Mogagole” (tear him/her apart) as his congregation affectionately calls him, is being dragged to court by a member of his church who wants his plot back after the prophet allegedly failed to pay the P150 000.00 price they had agreed on.

Masibi Fembo, 51, has told The Voice in an interview that initially he had priced his commercial plot at P350 000.00 but the prophet negotiated the price down to P150 000.00 and convinced him to believe that he would make up for the rest of the money in “blessings and miracles’ that Fembo would receive after prayers.

“He offered to buy 9070 square meters for P 150,000.00, a price he had negotiated down from P350.000.00. The difference he was to make up for in miracles and blessings that were to come my way following a one- on- one consultation, which cost me P100,” said a visibly defeated Fembo.

Prophet loses the plot

The prophet however has so far failed to pay the whole amount and the unemployed and debt ridden Fembo has not experienced any miracle since 2017 when the deal was made and is still struggling to make ends meet, hence his demand to have his plot back.

Fembo has to date, only received the deposit of P47, 750.00 paid in installments, which he said he could pay back if he got his plot back .

Meanwhile The Voice can confirm that the church is currently erecting a building on the premises against the Kweneng District Councils’s advice to halt all construction work because the structure being erected has not gone through the council’s safety procedures such as building and planning permission as well as validation and approval of the plans.

The Voice is in possession of the letter from Kweneng District Council dated 23rd April 2018 ordering the church to stop all construction on Fembo’s property.

When contacted for comment, Hambira denied that he owed Fembo any money and claimed that he has so far paid him, P127 000 and only owed him P 23 000

“I have paid him as per our agreement before he willingly handed over the lease to the plot and a copy of his Omang over to the church,” said Hambira producing chequebook stubs as his proof of payment.

Also denying any promise of “blessings and miracles’ Hambira concluded by saying that in his one-on-one prophecy meetings he does not talk about material things at all

“Fembo was trying to tarnish my name, but anyway it is a way of lifting me higher,” he said before offering the reporter one-one prophecy for a fee, which the reporter courteously turned down.