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Gentlemen’s guide wearing colour for a dark skinned.

The world of fashion keeps getting more risky, fun, exciting and just plain dapper!

We at Voice on Fashion have decided to dedicate the whole month of February to spreading love to MEN’S FASHION and to our dapper Botswana gentlemen! So for the whole month we will be sharing men’s fashion tips, trends to try, what to buy, wear, where and how!

DETAILING: Like a gray suit, a little detail is always in fashion.

Giving us a complete guide to rocking a 21st century suit look for a dark skinned tone this week, we have some chocolate for you ladies, the hunky- Ikanyeng Rulaganyang! The first thing anyone notices about a man in a suit before the cut is the colour!

First impressions are powerful and what a way to make an impact in the right coloured suit for your skin tone! Considering his dark toned skin, we draped him in “must have blazers” for his complexion, which you could rock for different occasions be it work, after work for some sun downers, weekend outings, and for that Feb 14 dinner date!

TAN/KHAKHI SUIT: This is what we consider “neutral” colour in fashion. For your dark skin, to create an appealing visual, wear a lightly colour under to balance the look off!

We compiled a few impactful bits to help you choose the right colour for your chocolate skin!

Here are the ABC’s of choosing and wearing the perfect colour for your dark skin.

Rule 1: Warm colours (reds, deep oranges, yellows, browns) should be at the core of your 1st choices when picking out your suits.

Warm colours contrast your skin well and make it pop or stand out without making you appear darker than you are.

Should you prefer cool colours like navy blues, whites and greys, add a warm colour to contrast and break the colours off.

This will make you look balanced and add an instant glow to your skin.

WORK CHRONICLES: Try a navy blue 2 piece suit, break it off with a checked shirt for a dapper look.

Rule number 2: Fit is everything! Even a Marc Jacobs suit looks bad if it doesn’t look tailored or contoured to your body.

Rule 3: Lines, colour, stripes beings energy and make an everlasting impression to any onlooker!

Rule 4: A suit is your personality! Show some of yours by adding some texture, a printed /textured tie or a coloured pocket square for contrast.

Rule 5: A watch is an essential piece in perfecting your suiting skills. Remember, you can never go wrong with adding some panache, and refinement if you pay attention to the size of the watch, colour of the face, designed numerals and a real leather strap.

Over-sized detailing and leather straps are always a must to add to your dapper look!







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