Profiteering prophets
Profiteering prophets

Recently, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was boarding a taxi from the rank to the Main Mall in Gaborone when he overheard a conversation between the driver and some passengers on how people continue to fall prey to profiteering churches.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: It’s sad how people’s lives are controlled by these fire churches.

I recently watched a Nigerian pastor on television in South Africa who claimed to pray for younger women to get married.

DRIVER: People don’t get tired of running after prophets. TB Joshua used to be popular.

Right now, they’ve abandoned him for the new flavour of the season, Bushiri.

Tomorrow when another so-called prophet emerges, they’ll abandon Bushiri to run after him.

LADY IN WHITE BLOUSE: I still ask myself how that Nigerian pastor is able to find husbands for desperate wives through prayer only.

SHORT-HAIRED LADY: The interesting part though is that those interviewed said that he is so good that you pay at least $5000 and get anointing oil to rub on your body for Mr right to show up within 14 days.

LADY IN WHITE BLOUSE: Oh no. I wouldn’t want to pay that for anointing oil.

Besides how would you know for sure that the oil wouldn’t turn into a snake that would then turn into a man at night and rape you.

Some people are gullible indeed! And they are brave too!

DRIVER: Be cautious of a church that lures members with the promise of quick miracles instead of concentrating on preaching the word.

The weakness we have as humans is that we’re too lazy to work hard.

The moment we hear promises of riches, we come running.

Even in the Bible, there’s nowhere Jesus offered his services for money.

WHITE BLOUSE: My neighbour fell prey to one of these churches.It all started when the church enticed her with a marriage promise.

She got married alright. Things however turned bad when she decided to leave the church.

The husband divorced her. Her mother’s house burnt to ashes and right now as I speak, she’s very ill.

The conversation ends as the short-haired lady alights from the taxi at a stop near the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs.

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